Wednesday, December 30, 2009


K I started Pursuit force as you can see, and to be honest I hate it so much, the game is lame, but I like playing lame games lol. You see i'm doing the game for a friend named Dex who owns GTAcomplete that had helped me with some stuff.

Moving on, I started recording chili concarnage yesterday, I just breezed through 5 chapters out 7, so I guess I'll continue recording the rest later tonight and then of course edit and upload them later in a couple of days. Right now I wanna focus on Marvel Ultimate Alliance and get that up and running, I was going to do it yesterday, but I realized that videos of the first mission including the prologue and whatever were deleted :( So I have to do it over again, well the first mission which has been already done :D So expect sum vids or maybe the whole game by today.

Monday, December 28, 2009

OMFG! called me and said kindly that me having there videos in my player was violating there terms of service, so I apologized and said I was sorry, the dude on the phone was actually cool too lol. I'm still gonna upload the videos on there, but right now I'm gonna have to use to host my videos on there for my player. So yea, I had 7-14 days to take it off, but I was like fuck it and wanted to take it off immediately since I was violating gamerstubes's rule; Oh well. Just keep checking back on my site to see if GTA is back online.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Whats up? I hope you all had a cool christmas cuz I sure did. As you can see, I've been uploading some of my old walkthroughs and I'm almost done. Tonight I'm going to record some missions for GTA. I haven't been recording as much because I'm running out of space for my hard drive. I have an external one but i'm running out of space for that. Some walkthroughs are on my hard drive, and some are on my external one, I just ordered a 640gb one for a 100 bucks and some change, and now I can get my space by and start recording as I use to, and even more now. Anyways for christmas, I spent some the time with my older brother, we gamed all night, and watched tv. He also got me an HD TV as well. He's giving mr his ps3 too since he has 2, I begged him for it lol. Unfortunately though, he has to get the blu ray player repaired since his kids spilled something on it >_> badasses. I still had a kick ass time nonetheless. So more GTA will be recorded and uploaded, and my old marvel ultimate alliance guide will be up soon, and after that will be transformers revenge of the fallen.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Been a while eh?

Lol well I have just been lazy and shit knowing. Christmas is coming up, I already got MW2 from my bro with a headset for the holidays, so I'm up all night playing that with him and friends. I've been changing my site drastically, especially during this week because I already ran out of bandwidth by supplying you all downloads, 2GBs of a week! every time you take what I give you like downloads or pictures, my bandwidth gets eatin' up and the funny thing is, is that the downloads are like 10mb and some aren't even a MB lol god you all are crazy, I know my site isn't out there like that so I didn't think I would loose all my bandwidth within a week lol assholes, but i luv you guys :D LOL! So thanks, just keep spreading my sites name out there for me, it really helps. So anyways I'm not doing anymore updates and stuff, I don't have enough money to keep buying bandwidth so I'm just gonna keep my site simple. Maybe in the future I'll continue doing that, but right now my ass is broke.

Ash's Final Thoughts - Jak & Daxter: TLF

Game done, and proud of this one actually; the fist Jak & Daxter game for the PSP. I played jak 3 before, and I was hoping this one would be similar with the guns and being able to go dark jak or light jak. they replaced it with some eco powers that had certain abilities to get over obstacles mostly. The story was ok, some asshole who we trust tried to get some dark eco and make himself badass but we stopped him before he got any further. Some of the missions were flying based which was cool, some missions were annoying and long to me; good think for quick checkpoint because I hate to die and start all over. So the game was fun to me, for some reason the games frame rate was low for me and i had to speed up things, it was annoying. graphics were cool, almost resembling the ps2, just not as smooth. I had no problem with the cutscenes at all, they were all in good quality. The problems I had with this game was of course it wasn't like the other jak games with the abilities he had in the previous games and stuff, a lot of jak fans complained about it. The developers seemed like they didn't wanna take a step further with this game, but basically sorta branch out a bit on a safe side, just to experiment which I thought could have been better, but still the game was cool. To me, I think that this game should have only been out for the PSP only and not the ps2 because it just took a step back from all the other jak games, plus its made by different people. There were other mini missions that I didn't care about, along with some upgrades as well which you don't need. You were able to customize your plane and add weapons and stuff, at first I didn't care about those things, but the missions kept getting challenging forcing you to care and start upgrading and shit. The game was free roam, you were able to fly to any land and start doing anything you want, but the maps were short though. Anyways I give this game a 3.8 out of 5, I believe this game is only good for the PSP, especially since there wasn't really anything to do in this game and more stuff could have been added which is why its more of a PSP game in my opinion, just like assassins creed bloodlines and that's why its only for the PSP and not the next gens. This game is awesome though, just seems a bit quiet for a jak game.

Remember kids, these are my thoughts, not necessarily facts to agree with and decide if you want the game yourself or not at all. So have some balls and decide what you think, you aren't a tool.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lettin' ya know whats up

Ok, recently i've been thinking to also add some PSP news that I think are cool to me on the index of my website. I thought about it and decided that I'll do that. To be honest, I may not continue it but I think by doing this, I'll generate a lot more revenue and stuff as well as more traffic to my website; hope it works. I started on Avatar yesterday, and I'm going to do more missions tomorrow. I also recorded more GTA missions along with some races of motorstorm arctic edge. I slept on Jak, and I wanna finish it, so I guess by 2morrow I'll continue recording a batch load of Jak, and maybe a mission of avatar

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Update

Just a heads up, I will be doing video walkthrough of this game as planned. I just have to wait for a nifty tool to be released by tomorrow.

Ash's Final Thoughts - Marvel Super Hero Squad

It's done, finished it yesterday actually. I think this is the first walkthrough I started on my new channel lol. Anyways about this game, I love the show, the show is kick ass and I watch it every morning and on weekends as well lol. It's a kiddy show, very funny but if you are a huge marvel fan, then i'm sure you would love the show. However, the game to me really was not that great. It was so repetitive, ya gotta destroy a number of enemies to progress a level at a certain part of a mission; after a while it just gets boring. I was upset that you can only have 2 heroes fighting instead of 4 through out missions, I thought that was retarded. Another thing was the camera, worse shitty camera game I have ever played. It was horrible, I couldn't even aim at a specific object until I killed ALL enemies which was stupid. I had a huge problem with the lag and frame rate of this game, but the graphics were pretty good, I liked them. Also, about the cutscenes, they were just movie pictures Kinda, not a full animation but it was alright. It should have been animations in my opinion or something. The pretty much thing I looked forward to while playing the game was the button simulation mini games, those were almost in par with gameplay lol. Oh gosh, I'm sure they are going to make a new MSHS game since there are MORE MARVEL CHARACTERS, which they should have added! So my final rating, I give this game a 3 out of 5. Despite the lag, bad camera, and other things, The game is still fun sorta, and there's co op as well as a regular battle mode you can do with your friends which will make it more fun. It's a kiddy show, so the game of course will be kiddy but they could have added more, especially with the characters if you are playing by yourself, that's why it was kinda boring.

Like always, these are my opinions and not facts, I'm just giving my review from my experience of playing this game. Don't go with what I say and get the game or not game the game because of what I said, you aren't a slave, i'm not your mommy, grow some balls and decide on your own.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - MSXX

Well dam lol, that was quick...what was it? 2 days? my new record ;P

So anyways, I do not really know what to say so I don't think I'll say that much. The game was shorter than other metal slug games, I believe they had like 10 missions, this game only had 7. The story is like any other metal slug game, you're just working your way up to the boss that started screwin up stuff, nothing has changed. They added a new weapon, some lighting gun I barely used because I kept getting killed. Thats another thing, you are always dying in this game, one hit you are killed and you are back alive with a pistol. The missions were troublesome, well not really they were easy, but the boss battles were a pain in the ass. The game was fun to play and it inspired me to do metal slug anthology in the future one day. I do think this was a setback from the other metal slug games, I do think that the other were way better than this even though they had like 70 mini game missions. The graphics and style of the game have not changed, which is good, it would be gay if it did. So for my rating I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Nothing really new got me excited, its still the same, they could of added more guns, more use of vehicles or whatever, its like they went back on this game in my opinion; still fun though and would love to have infrastructure mode added.

Remember, my opinion only matter to me, I'm not your mommy so you can get the game if YOU want to and like it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marvel super hero squad in progress + New Game!

Thats right, I just recorded 2 missions, I now I have 3 more left and I will record more 2morrow to finish this off as well as some more GTA.

I'm also going to start this as well!

I'm a fan of the metal slug series, so I have no choice but to play this lol. It's an old 2D platform shooter, and its really fun.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some plans, updates, bleh

Now that LittleBiGplanet is finished, I get to work on some games and upload/finish them much quicker now. The reason why I have been doing so much games at once, as I said before is because I have a new channel and I wanted to but my channel out there in the spot light again. I'm going to continue Marvel super hero squad in a couple of days or after I upload the rest if LBP. Jak is almost done, well I think i'm like half way there but if I keep uploading as much as I do with jak, I should be done with it maybe on the 2nd week of jak I upload. The same with Marvel super hero squad, there are only like 6 missions, so I think I have like 5 left, my plan for that is to upload 2 or 1 mission(s) a day maybe. With GTA, like I said before, it's gonna be slow like 5 missions when I upload to However after jak is done, as well as marvel super hero squad, a lot more GTA vids will be added faster.

I also want to do this...

It's a port from the wii version, which looks fun but sucks lol, not the best but I want to make a guide for this as I am exited to see the movie. By watching some gameplay for the wii version since I can't find any for PSP, its like a stealth adventure game.

After GTA, JC's Avater, Marvel super hero squad, & Jak are done, I'm going to start uploading my old completed walkthroughs again :) After those are done, I'm going to upload my old still in progress walkthroughs and continue them. Those games are FF Dissidia and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


I'm going to add some stuff to the home page, like a release date calendar for the PSP and also some widgets that will get me some revenue from These feature will be up soon.

Ash's Final Thoughts - LittleBiGplanet

...Amazing! Going down on one of the best PSP games I eva played.

I had sooo much fun playin this shit, the graphics were great, and the OST of the game was beautiful. That's one of the reasons why I kept playing it, just to hear what songs were on the next level and stuff. It made you feel at peace, it's the best platform game on the PSP right now in my opinion. You were able to do a lot of neat things, I liked how you were able to dress up your sack person with items you find throughout the levels. Some of the items were funny and made me laugh at times while playing the game lol. I can't think of anything that was wrong with it at all really. I mean if you compare it to the PS3 version, I doubt you would get as much from the ps3 version, maybe like outfits, maybe some download content you can't get for the PSP version that the PS3 has, but either way the game is amazing. You can download levels and from other people as well as creating your own unique level as well and share it with the world. At first I wasn't interested in really collecting every item, but as I play through the game, I had this funny feeling to just want to dress up my sack person lol.

The game is new, so right now I see it as its beta phase being that there are download content you can get and I'm sure they won't stop making more download things for a long time now. So even though there are ratings for it, In my mind I don't think it's fair. But whatever I'll rate for what it gives you without any DLC. I give it a... 4.2 out of 5

The game is great for you if you like platform games or of course the PS3 version of LBP. However, some stuff from the PS3 version may not be in the PSP version in the future, and I'm sure that's what LBP fans would want, so thats why I gave it that rating.

Like always, these are my opinions, don't be a slave, grow some balls, I'm not your mommy and decide if you want the game because of what YOU think.

The rest of the 2 levels should be up by 2morrow morning or earlier, I dunno.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Ghost & Sponge

Gonna try and make my thoughts of these games quick.

I was really excited for this game, and when I played it I got what i expected. The game was great, it was fun and longer than I expected. The game was a port from the wii version which looks ok but kiddy'ish. The cutscenes for the game were horrible, being that it was compressed so much for the PSP to play. It lagged like a motherfucker! especially during boss battles; I had to restart the level from dying because of the lag so much. If the game didn't lag a lot then I would have enjoyed it A LOT more. Overall like I said, it was great, and also comical. I like 3rd person PSP games, and each time they come out I always try to play them. It sorta resembled the unreal engine like how gears of wars is played, and thats actually my favorite game engine so I enjoyed that. The camera was hard to control because of the lack of an extra analog, plus the lag. The graphics weren't up to par with the PSP, some of the characters sprites were distorted, you could barely see the actual eyes of some characters with a close up. So for my rating, I give this game 2.8/3

Gameplay was fun and amazing, but was ruined in my opinion form the constant lag; one of the reasons why I hate ports for the PSP. They don't improve nothing for a port of a PSP game. It's like they port, change the buttons and act like they don't care after that.

Now for Spongy, I had a kickass time with this lol. This game was so much fun, this is why I like to give odd games a chance, because most of them are actually better than the popular ones. This game is also a port from the next gen consoles, and a good one. In the game, stupid ass spongebob lost the secret formula for the krabby pattie, he lost his memory and to get it back we have to make him happy by playing his deepest memories that reminded him of happy thoughts; at the same time plankton is trying to get the memory first before we find it. In the end, stupid ass spongebob remembered that the formula all this time was in his back pocket, but it wasn't the forumula, it was lottery numbers that Krabs gave him >_> so the asshole never had it. Mr. Krabs was the one who had it! It was in his back pocket all this dam time lol, this cartoon is funny and stupid. Anyways the graphics were outstanding! they were perfect! almost everything really. It's a kiddy game, so it was really repetitive for an older person, not many attack options at all. The cutscenes were kinda laggy and a little fuzzy but tolerable to me. Also the facial expressions didn't even change during minor cutscenes, they just had this stupid look while you heard the dialogue. So my rating for the PSP version, I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.

Graphics were amazing including gameplay, but some what repetitive which made it a little boring, i'm not going to lie. Boss battles were easy, Major cutscenes were laggy and the minor cutscenes could of fit the dialogue more. This is a kids game, so I'm not going to give it a bad rating because its for kids which most of you stupid 15 year old KIDS would probably do. I gave it a 4.5 because it's perfect for children who like spongebob a lot, the gameplay was up to par for a child as well, but not for someone thats older. I felt that the cutscenes could have improved more, mainly the minor ones just to make kids laugh and be into it more since the major cutscenes hardly showed up.

The remaining videos of Ghost & Sponge will be up soon, later in the evening time.

Always remember that these are just my opinions and not facts. If you like what you have seen in my videos, then get the game for that reason. You aren't a slave and i'm not your mommy; grow some balls.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have completed twenty missions so far, 5 are on my computer which I have to upload, and I have 3 more missions recorded which I have to edit and stuff. So I guess in a day or two, I'm going to upload a short video telling users who don't know that a chinatown wars walkthrough is in progress at

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ash's PSP Games uploads

I've been sleeping on some games, especially LBP, Motorstorm and the forgotten Marvel super hero squad. LBP videos will be up, the whole 2 chapter to be specific. I'm gonna try and do at least 1 chapter a day for LBP, a level or 2 for ghostbsters, 2 races for motorstorm, and of course some Jak videos throughout the week or so. After Ghost is finished, I'm going to continue finishing up Sponge which I have 3 levels left. I've also been sleeping on Chinatown wars, I'm going to record some today actually, at least 5 missions to add on my site; so hopefully there will be more China by 2morrow. For MSHS, I'm going to wait until Ghost is finished, as well as sponge to scratch some unfinished games off my back.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow...Tekken 6

Amazing I uploaded 6 more story modes in private, took a nap, woke up, and was surprised to see 75% of those videos uploaded were removed by Sanoma NL and some other ppl. So i'm going to have to stop this, I don't wanna piss YT off and they give me a warning. I'm so pissed, I was almost half way through all characters :(

Friday, November 27, 2009

Whats Up

I had a great thanksgiving with my family, and I also bought Left 4 Dead 2 for my 360. The game is awesome. Anyways expect a shit load of Tekken 6 today.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fuck yea!

The wait is now over, and I will start the game on Friday. I am currently downloading a patched version of the game that will work on my slim. A few hours ago, they had the game working, but it was only for phat PSP's so i was screwed. The method they had to get it working was to flash a simple little file on the Phat PSP to get the game working. Anyways yea, I would upload some tekken today, but unfortunately I'm already rendering some vids to upload for today lol; so until then.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Good News...maybe?

Another update with the Tekken situation

The PSN version, which is the LEGIT version has been seen today on PSN. A user from a forum that I go to has downloaded it and said that it may be possible to decrypt it?

His quote...

Well i just bought the 2 new mini's from the usa psn store (Blast Off & Lets Golf) Blast Off contains the OPNSSMP.BIN file, & is 6.10

I tried the iso on gen 5.50d2 after converting it to an iso and it told me i needed to upgrade to 6.10, but after using the v4 decryptor it worked fine so it looks like the new games will not play untouched until we gen new cfw, but at least their still playable right?

I've just bought Tekken 6 which was added to psn today and will let you know if it works, if it does not work the namco is the issue not sony

He goes by the name of "Kiss Of Death" on the interwebz. He posted that about 4-5 hours ago...but has not said a word if it worked or not since; rumors say that he uploaded it on a private forum >_> I know his ass is playin Tekken and all the other V.I.P. lol I ain't stupid. But like he said he'll let us know.

Oh wow...

It looks like Yoshi, to me has the decrypter already. He's just not going to release just because "We have to" so basically Team GEN(The team that yoshi is on) are going to release it when it is needed instead, which is a smart move. Kids these days are just too immature to realize the strategy that they are pulling, so all they do is bitch and beg like idiots. I may be wrong about them having it already, but I came up with my conclusion from this quote

"Yoshi and GEN Team have no obligation of release anything. We release when we think it is time to do it and not because we "have to do it..."

To me that sentence right there seems like they have it already, or already know what to do, but just not doing it right now. So it is like they are hiding something in my opinion, and I think I know what that is.

So until then i'm just gonna do what I do and upload the regular videos, and If I'm in the mood, some motorstorm as well.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lil update on Tekken 6

The creator of the decryptor who goes by the name of Yoshihiro, a french native does know what the situation is and a new decrypter will come soon, I hope it comes today.

He said...

"Hi the new decryption is already down "Hi sony."

"Sony use it only since 6.XX firmware a New system of decryption the key is on every umd's "NOT in Plaine TEXT just a message for noobs" it's encrypted in AES and it's generated with kirk7 the new key is never stored inside mesgled so now you cant extract it like usual you have only to waiting for a release date if i release it one day and noway for a gamedecrypter."

So it looks like he knows what he's doing and what cheap tricks sony did to stop us from playing tekken 6 and maybe other future games. They basically changed the encryption code of the UMD, and because of that, the decrypter does not recognize it to decrypt it. All I and other CFW users have to do now is wait.

Site update!

Added a new tab, well I changed the "contact me" to "Other Crap & FAQ's" so that page has been newly updated with answers and other stuff. Also you can find that I made my own toolbar that you can install and have easy access with if you want to test it out, go here.

I've also signed up with digg to get my completed walkthroughs out there. Digg is sorta like voting, each time you digg something, a point will go up, so the more you people digg a video or an article, the more it'll attract other users who are interested in what you have submitted. So below the player of my completed games, you should see a digg button there, so help get out there by digging those walkthroughs! Thanks.


Still no luck with the decrypter so far :(

Right now I'm just sittin back, editing my website and tweaking things up. I also plan on changing the contact section a bit in, maybe add a FAQ to shut kids up lol which I'm sure wont, but oh well, may as well do stuff before I become lazy to do it :) Vids will not be uploaded today, well anymore. Some LBP, ghostbusters will be recorded today later tonight for upload tomorrow, and hopefully tekken too if things go well. If that doesn't, then I guess if i'm not lazy I'll record some Motorstorm races and stuff.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I knew it! unfortunately I cannot play it because sony is up to there usual tricks. You see the game requires a PSP to play this game on a firmware of 6.10 or 20 I think. Usually with a nifty tool, I was able to decrypt the game and once again play the game on the firmware I am on. The problem is, is that the decryptor decrypts games that have firmwares 6.00 and below I think, so now in order to play it, I would have to wait for an update for the decrypter which I pray comes tomorrow.

Updates, TEKKEN 6, and some future racing?...maybe? maybe?

Well spongebob is almost done, got about 4 levels up in private(since I don't like uploading videos like that alone) and 2 more levels left. I'm gonna try and focus more on the other games I've been kinda neglecting, So sponge will go on hold just for a bit for those fans out there... is almost near, hopefully I can get it today and it'll work. I'm a fan of the Tekken serious, not on the PSP so this would be my first time taking a shot at it. I will be doing ALL story modes for each available character, and I cannot wait.
I've had my eye on this game quite some time now, but never played it being that Need4Speed was a fail. Today I had the guts to go and try playing it, and OMFG this game kicks so much ass, the graphics are amazing and it is SOOOO not boring to play because bashing ppl, jumping off cliffs, off roading type of racing is my type of thing. Vids will be up very soon, maybe in a couple of days. I'm gonna do my "Festival" which is like my story mode. I'm sure its maybe close to 100 races to do! So i will definitely not do all, it'll be just somethin to have up in my library, a perfect racing game to start off with since I have not done any racing games nor really like them too much.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


From my lil break. Had some fun with my cousins gaming all night, but dam I was hungry. There's never food at that house lol :( but anyways yea, I guess I'll continue where I left off with the games and try to finish them. I'll record tonight and upload some videos 2morrow.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

So What's Next?

I plan on finishing up Ghostbusters, Jak, Sponge and I finally made my decision on doing...

I've always wanted to do this, especially playing it for PS3. At first I thought this game was stupid, but after I played the PS3 version, I thought it was alright. I tried to get this game working on my PSP, but the shit would not work at all. But with a little tweaking, I managed to get this baby working.

I'll try and get a couple of videos up later today.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - ASSassin's Creed: Bloodlines

Well well well you guys, the game is done, and a walkthrough is already up(will be soon in the morning) before the actual release of this game. I kick so much ass!

And I got some stuff to say. This game is an extent that is, which is gameplay wise. I thought of the game as rushed, unbalanced meaning that it was just half assed. I believe they focused more on the gameplay(which is good) than the other features of the game. The graphics were ok, it could have been better. The sprites were horrible as fuck, they has like sharp edges for there hands and heads, there was a cutscene where a woman showed her ring..yet it looked like it was tattooed on her finger, and it had no detail. basically what I'm saying is that the characters weren't smooth at all, it was like a paper cut out, nothing was really detailed except Altair's costume. They sacrificed the look of the game for gameplay instead of taking their time and balancing it out. No facial expressions at all during cutscenes, it was like the actual face was just painted on like a ps1 game. I can't complain about the scenery and buildings, it is a free roam game with huge maps so by increasing the quality of the building and items like plants, the water etc etc, then I'm sure the game will LAG as hell. To add on it kept repeating itself with the characters lol, I was like fighting 6 of the same people at one time and it felt really stupid.

They could of added more to the game, especially more levels and you weren't able to ride horses..or swim! But still, I had a shit load of fun with this game, and it still goes down on my top lists of favorites. Its great that it has side missions, plus you can replay the levels(memory blocks) which I also like in games. The fighting and jumping across building and assassinating ppl is really fun! that I enjoyed. The game is like Prince of persia, but without the annoying ass puzzles. When fighting, the game is about timing, countering and smart thinking. When I have a life bar, I'm always looking at it, and it distracts me a lot and i lose focus sometimes. But in this game I was able to take it off, and just rely on my gut and I was able to focus more, and I felt comfortable playing this game.

So from the lack of detail, shitty character sprites, not up to par graphics, but amazing gameplay, oh and I forgot to mention the stupid glitches. I give it a 3.8/4 out of 5. They made it clear that its just a portable version so we should not expect much which is reasonable, but they took out things you can do in the Assassins creed from the console versions and many other things, so i'm sure this will disappoint a lot of Assassin's Creed fans, but at the same time have fun playing it.

Remember, this is just an opinionated review and what I think of the game, which means it only matters to me and that what I say isn't necessarily facts. So if you enjoyed the gameplay, then go a head and buy it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hell yea!

The game is awesome, just like the first one. Its pretty hard to control, but its something you would get use to as you progress through the game. I played and recorded through the first 2 memory blocks(levels) and of course, videos will be up soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Obscure: The Aftermath

I had one level to do, but i was sooooooooo lazy to do it!

This game is awesome, and I hope Obscure 2 comes on the Playstation portable as well. The game reminds me of silent hill and resident evil combined, so it's horror survival action game. It had guns bats and everything in it to use to survive. The game starts off from a flashback of you looking for someone in some spooky place with a deformed killer in there. You get all the way in that place and then end up dying, you wake up and all of a sudden you are in a college dorm? Haha I was already confused. So it turns out some strange things have been goin on at leafmore and some brave students have the guts to figure out whats goin on and stop the darkness. This darkness were flowers that these students used to drink and do drugs with, but they didn't know that they were getting mutated into monsters and stuff from the flower. The game is about teamwork and thats what I liked about it. As the game progressed, we began to get more people on our team that had different abilities for example one was good with lock picking, and another was good at hacking computers and getting through password protected doors, so it was very unique. Ok, so one of our team members had a brother that got mutated into some strong scary looking thing, we thought we killed it 2 times but it survived, it later then impregnated another one of our teammates to spread its shit around. In the end most of our teammates died, it was kinda sad lol, and out of like 10 ppl in our team, only 2 lived. In the End we had to fight the brother again and end this once and for all. We killed him, and a helicopter was coming for us, but the impregnated chick was in there and looked like she gave birth and then all of a sudden the helicopter blows up and the darkness continues lol.

I really enjoyed this game a lot, and the ONLY thing I did not like was the camera and the PSP's only one analog stick problem, it was hard to control especially in fights. Monsters were busting me in the back of my head and I couldn't see them, and the aiming sucked as well. Overall the game is awesome, graphics were good, the controls were smooth, the AI kept gettin in the way like a dam wall and the story was confusing lil. I give it a 3.5/4 out of 5. Remember these are just my opinions and my personal review of the game, don;t go by it and decide if you want to get it or not because of what I said. Man up and decide on your own.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - B10AFVA

Finished the game this morning, so some parts should be up today if I'm in a good mood.

The game is about Vilgax coming back to face ben10 to get the watch thing, in the end he fails and the world is saved, blah blah blah. The game was okay, I liked how each alien had a purpose in the game so get pass obstacles and stuff. Each alien were perfect for certain battles and boss fights, it allowed you to also think of strategies in beating boss fights and stuff too. The graphics were okay, typical PSP graphics. Too many glitches, sometimes when i jumped on a ledge, I would stay at the tip of it before I go up, the camera was awful, enemies were hitting you from behind and each direction and you couldn't even see them, I hated that and that's why the PSP needs another analog stick. I pretty much forced myself to play the game since I got a lot of views from it, the first alien force game was longer and you were able to use kevin and gwen as well. So this one was kind of a downgrade from the original alien force game. The boss fights were easy, a died a couple of times but got the hang of it to win. The game had some crazy puzzles that were hard, especially on level 3, that tok me a while to do. Anyways the game was ok, a downgrade to me from the other version but it was fun I guess, nothing special, just basically a game from the episode from where Vilgax comes back on the cartoon show. I would give this game a 3 out of 5, but remember this is just my opinion, and it only matters to me. If you are a fan of Ben10 then this game is for you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Update, whats next

I haven't been uploadin my old walkthroughs as I use to, been lazy as always. As you can see I successfully started Ghostbusters! which is really fun. I'm also gonna squeeze in...

So expect some vids soon.

I'm trying to get my channel back in the lights, so that is why I'm doing a lot of games at once, eventually I'll finish them of course.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some stuff

The greatest walkthru ever made, Hannah Montana Rock Out The Show has been added!
Call of duty roads to victory has been added!

And also, My written tutorial on how I make my vids at been added!

Expect some...

Hopefully tomorrow!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Site update

New custom players have been added on some games, trying to do all, big thanks to Dex for the help with them.

Channel Update

The Simpsons Game, and Bleach heat the soul 6 are back online!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Driver 76

I'm uploading the whole game walkthrough of it, and it will be available for the public soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hmmm what to say, been gone for a few days because of my channel being suspended, but i'm back for good. Right now i'm trying to upload the saved walkthroughs I kept in case this would happen, i'm pissed but I wouldn't mind re doing a few games especially chili con carnage, gun showdown, god of war, star wars the force unleashed, 300 and a couple of more I can't think of right now.

Other news, my website is kickass right now, did a lot of editing and learning and still don't know what the hell I did, typical me lol. As i'm typing this I'm watching wrestling, ECW lol i'm so bored! and I miss my old channel :(

So I guess thats all I have to say, I'll be sure to post updates here more often and expect some slow uploading at times; still not use to this reality lol.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Games To Come...Maybe!

GTA is the main one, but my main concern is Take 2 taking down my vids or suspending me. So what I'm gonna do is upload some missions on a ghost account, and If they don't get deleted then look forward for some vids on my main account.

Ash's Final Thoughts - Undead Knights

Well that's off the to do list finally, this game owns. About this game, A long time ago 2 people from a kingdom were killed, they were brought back to life as the undead knights to kill and have revenge with the aid of the undead, but in the end it was the Romulus blood, their leader who was the one who killed them.

I had a lot of fun with this game, its like a hack and slash dynasty warrior game with a little overlord form controlling the zombie minions as I mentioned in my final thoughts of this demo. You were to pick up to 3 three characters, the 2 that were killed, and Romulus. They each had their own story on their revenge, and of course I chose the hot chick Sylvia, who was pretty badass. I enjoyed the game a lot, but a lot of things were disappointing to me. Its really repetitive, just hack and slash and at a certain point you were able to leave an area by telling your zombies to do a certain task; Its like that throughout the whole game. I hated the graphics in the gameplay, it was like it was rushed or something. I didn't like the cutscenes when they were just standing there talking and moving their body, I just thought it should have been cinematic like the intro and the major cut scenes that were shown throughout the game. At times the camera seemed annoying really, but by pressing the "L" shoulder button you were able to change it. Other than that it was a fun game, you were able to upgrade your character and there were other multiplayer modes you can do as well with a friend. So its fun single player and as multiplayer; a game to have in a PSP collection. But like I also say, don't be a tool and go with what I say, I have videos of me beating the game so watch those and make your decision if you like it or want to get it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - N.S.L Akatsuki Rising

I just finished the game, and I'm happy I did because now you Naruto idiots can leave me a lone.

The game was great, the first Naruto 3D adventure fighting game for the PSP. A lot of people said that they didn't like the graphics, but failed to realize that its from a cartoon! and that its only a PSP and not a PS3! lol stupid asses. But really the game great. It followed the shippuden anime with retrieving the Kazakage(Gaara) from the Akatsuki who were trying to capture him to suck out the jinchuriki out of Gaara. They managed to take it out of him, and he died, but the hidden leaf took him back, then some old lady named chiyo came and did a reanimation jutsu to give up her life to save another, Gaara lived, everybody was happy blah blah blah. The the I didn't like was the cutscenes, god dam they were long as hell. If you watched my walkthrough then there is no need to watch the anime since the game showed it all! Another thing was that this game was ridiculously hard towards the end of the game. I mean that game forces you to level up to beat certain missions lol, unless you saved up money to buy medicine and shit which is what I did to save time from training and leveling up. People also said that they should of had more combos and stuff, which I kinda agree, even tho I doubt you would do them all since the game is very challenging unless you are fighting someone with a very low level. Overall the game was aweomse, and you fanboys weren't at all with the rushing. I do plan on doing accel 3 when it comes out, so stay tuned for that.

The rest of chapter 10 will be up soon today!

So thats it, i'm gonna continue playing the rest of the games and try to beat them since i've been focusing on naruto a lot.

Also, I'm gonna start...

Soon after undead knights. I played a lil bit of it, I just didn't like the view in game play, they look like Ants; but the HD will zoom them in :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another One lol

This was the second game I was waiting for along with Undead Knights. It's like a watered down Silent hill game with college students fighting monsters and using their individual skills and teamwork to solve puzzles and get pass obstacles. I'm already having a blast with this game, videos will be up soon.

I got a shit load of games to do. As long as I take my time and do a couple of levels of some games everyday, then I'll be fine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Remember The Demo?

Well I got my hands on the actual game, i'm gonna pause Final Fantasy Dissidia to squeeze in this.

And to top it off....

So expect some videos later on! :) I am also not going to do G.I. Joe.

Dam i'm going crazy, too many new games that I like are just popping up since I am now able to play them. 2 more games that I want to do should come out today also! lol

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coming Soon!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Undead Knights [Demo]

OMG! this game kicks M-A-J-O-R A-S-S

I don't even know where to start, I can't wait for this game to come out! Its a hack and slash button mashing game, resembling God Of War. The game also remind me of overlord as well because in the game you can turn ppl into zombies, which you control to do things your character cannot do such as, bring a bridge down, create a ladder for you to climb, etc etc; so basically they are your minions. I do not like the graphics, but either way the game kicks ass. The demo is in Japanese, but the dialogue is in English but there will be an english version of the game. I loved this game so much that I even decided to upload the demo for you all to see and droll on which will be up soon.

Next Walkthru!

I've been wanting to do this for a while now since it came out, so I thought I may as well do this now. I've done "Crash Of The Titans" A while back and it was great, I enjoyed the game. This game is fun to play, it has comedy, action, adventure with outstanding graphics. A lot of crash fans do not like this game because its just way different from the original crash, but idc, times have changed, oh well. Expect a couple of vids later on.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I just don't have the resolve to continue or do any other racing game :(

Ash's Final Thoughts - Driver '76, Questions Answered, Whats Next, etc etc.

Game is done!

And I enjoyed every bit of it. I had so much fun with game so this goes on the list of one of my favorite games I've done so far. The problem I didn't like about it was that it felt dead, being that there weren't that much ppl walking around in the game, it was like a desert. The graphics weren't that amazing as well, including the buildings, and the character models; its like it was not up to date even tho it was made in 07. Other than that it was cool, the point of the game was for Ray to get hooked up with this asian woman name chen chi by completing missions and impressing her father. The game reminded me of GTA and wheelman which are games that I like, so I knew i would enjoy this despite the flaws i mentioned which were my opinion only. This isn't the best game out there for the PSP, many games are way better than this, but its worth playing. It has humor, guns, fast cars, explosions and other stuff thats fun. The game is awesome! The rest of the videos will be up soon, including my site as well.

To answer your questions with these and other NEW games you want me to do, NO. Why? well these new games require a certain firmware update for me to play them, but if I update my PSP to that firmware, I wont be able to record! :(

So I have to wait until coders mod the new firmware update so I can update to that, then I'll be able to record those games for you guys. So right now you all have to be patient with me.

In a couple of days I plan on doing this to replace Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I am going to do this in CO-OP mode with my good friend Dcool27, and it's going to be a split screen walkthrough showing My view and his view together, cool right?! lol.

So in the mean time, i'm also going to do more NFS: Shift videos, and Final Fantasy Dissidia as well as X-men origins Legends II: Rise Of The Apocalypse. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Walkthru!

And as you can see my plan worked out with Dissidia, YaY!

And I also wanna add this to my Library. This game isn't great lol, but it's worth trying out. The game takes place in the 70's, you do driving missions kinda like a GTA style thing but more driving so its also like wheelman, which the character does call himself a wheelman. It isn't long at all, like 20 somethin main missions. The maps are big and its also free roam too to earn more money to get things or whatever. A couple of Missions will be up soon.