Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally!!! & and some new walkthrus in progress

what more can I say, it's finally finished and up and go visit ~_^


I'm doing "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce"
The games are pretty fun, not the best of games in my opinion, but they are worth playing to me :)

And of course, the walktrhoughs can be viewed by way of PWNorDie, My Youtube Channel, and on(which i recommend ~_^) Ash's PSP Games!

Well that's All of the news today and I'll let you all know whats up next time

Ash's Final Thoughts - Family Guy: Video Game


Yea this isn't on youtube since they like to take it down cuz of fox 5 and their copyright thing or whatever, but this ca be viewed on Pwnordie, Wegame or for easy acces, just watch it at Ash's PSP Games! ~_^

This game is so funny lol i laughed at every level lol. So in this game, you play as Stewie, bran, and peter. They each have missions of their own, Stewie has to stop his half brother Bertram from doing some evil shit where one fo the levels was inside peter and at the end you fight Bertram in some giant form. Now with Brian, all his mission were are basically some stealth thing where you had to hide in the shadows so you wouldn't get seen and collect the required items to pass the level. He tries to collect proof and stuff that he didn't impregnate sea biscuit which is Lois's father's dog, but it turns out that he was the one who did it lol. With Peter he's gone crazy and thinks some character named Belvedere is after him so he has to destroy every person he passes by. In the end he finds out that Belvedere wasn't after was the chicken! so you would have to fight him and beat his ass like in the cartoon show to beat the game since that was the last level. The game was pretty fun, hard as shit tho, but its something i wouldst play again. Don't be a tool, buy it if you like it!
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Ash's Final Thoughts - Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?


Yea I just been lazy to give my thoughts on this game or to update my blog, so here it is!

....I loved it! Its one of my favorite games now, not many know about this game and people need to give this game a chance. It's a platform game and my opinion, the best platform PSP game ever. You start out in this world of fantasy with many different creatures, You play as some penguin thing known as a "Prinny" they were once human but did bad things, so they were turned into those prinny things my some witch named Edna. For this whole game, you have a mission you have to complete where you have to get the ultra dessert, you had no later than 10 hours to get them. Each time you complete a stage, a boss battle will come, they each had a part of the ultra dessert recipe so in order to get it, of course you would have to defeat the boss. After you require all the ingredients, you go to some place where you find some weird old man that can mix the ingredients, he then does it and makes the ultra dessert and uses it as like a battery thing or a heart to make this big ass robot come a live, after you struggled to kick its ass, you get an interruption from some pig bat thing named sir sweet, long story short he takes, now u gotta find him, kick his ass then all of a sudden he reveals that another part of the ingredients are prinnys! so he killed a lot of their friends. After that they take it back to Edna but when she sees it or smells it, she is disgusted and doesn't want they did all that for nothing lol. But all the prinnys looked at that still as a good thing because they finished their mission and that's what counts. Overall the game was good, I liked it a lot but it was too dam hard! i cheated >:D But to balance that out, the game was really tranquil towards the end from the ending, they gave like a lil shout out to all their deceased prinny friends which made it warm. I like the song they used for the credits, it was really nice and very peaceful to take your mind of this kinda rouhh way from fighting in the game and stuff. If you like platform games then you would definitely like this, and remember...these are my opinions and not facts, so don't be a tool and buy or not buy from the thing I have said.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

New Walkthru

This will be my first platform game I'm going to be doing; I had my eye on this game for a while now. I like this game a lot, it's very simple and fun to play and the voice acting is really funny, but it's a pain in the ass. The game isn't easy at all, you get like 1000 lives, I just beat Stage 2 and i'm down to like 920 lol. Anyways i hope you guys enjoy it, probably won't but i don't care, if there is a problem then don't watch it.

This walkthrough can be viewed by way of YOUtube & Pwnordie

Here's a video of it

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hey guys its been a while so I'll let ya know whats goin on. last time I wanted to take a break on making videos so i can work on a better site, and right now its coming out great. I have to HTML edit a page per video, and I have over 1000 lol so that's a lot of work...But i'm already half way through it. My next video MAY! be on Dynasty Warriors strike force thats coming on the 28th, It looks alright from watching some gameplays and trailers. I'm definitely going to do the Xmen origins wolverine game on May 1st so thats a fact, so stay tuned for that.

Youtube didn't allow me to upload family guy for the PSP, so you can view my walkthrough of it at which i'm uploading slowly.

The whole walkthrough will be on it's up) in the future and other games I do not upload to crappy youtube.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


Well Its finally done, took me about a week and a couple of days. I start out first on what i didn't like about the game: The only thing that bothered me in the gameplay was that it was too slow compared to like a great game title known as "Tenchu: Z" The game was one of the hardest games I've ever done, you have to choose every step, weapon and move wisely or else you are dead. This is my first time playing and Tenchu game and I have to say that I loved it, i Loved everything about it, the story was amazing! You start off as a well known ninja known as "Rikimaru" who's am assassin of course from the Goda castle, the king of that castle has a daughter that was kidnapped so the king sent out Rikimaru to search for her. Things started to get suspicious that made Rikimaru seem like a traitor. You then start to play as a woman named Ayame to go save the princess and take her to safety, these orders were from the kings chief who in the end turns out to be the traitor..and a familiar face that Rikimaru knows, That was basically it. The graphics were amazing for the PSP, especially the cutscenes, voice acting was good, you were allowed to do anything you want in that game to progress in levels with varies of strategies of your choosing which made it hard because like I said, make a wrong move and you are dead. I'm not into stealth games too much but when it comes to ninjas and whatever related to that then i'm going to have to play it. The game starts out strong, but then gets beautiful but sad in the end. Japanese stories and animes always interest me, this is one of my favorite games I've ever played and I enjoyed every bit of it, but that doesnt mean you go out and by it because of that, remember these are my Opinions and not actual facts; don't be a tool. What if you have the chance to stop a nightmare, but it turns out it's right behind a gift, if we go around it and try other ways, the gift dies and the nightmare lives on, but if you go through the gift to stop the nightmare, the nightmare will die...along with the gift, What will you choose?


Hey it's been a while, as you know I've been working on Tenchu: Shadow Assassins lately. The last parts are all rendered and should be uploaded in a bit. What's next after T:SA? I plan on continuing GTA VCS in the future, but right now i'm working on a new website with some self taught HTML. After I get 75% of the website done, then I'll start uploading some GTA.