Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some plans, updates, bleh

Now that LittleBiGplanet is finished, I get to work on some games and upload/finish them much quicker now. The reason why I have been doing so much games at once, as I said before is because I have a new channel and I wanted to but my channel out there in the spot light again. I'm going to continue Marvel super hero squad in a couple of days or after I upload the rest if LBP. Jak is almost done, well I think i'm like half way there but if I keep uploading as much as I do with jak, I should be done with it maybe on the 2nd week of jak I upload. The same with Marvel super hero squad, there are only like 6 missions, so I think I have like 5 left, my plan for that is to upload 2 or 1 mission(s) a day maybe. With GTA, like I said before, it's gonna be slow like 5 missions when I upload to However after jak is done, as well as marvel super hero squad, a lot more GTA vids will be added faster.

I also want to do this...

It's a port from the wii version, which looks fun but sucks lol, not the best but I want to make a guide for this as I am exited to see the movie. By watching some gameplay for the wii version since I can't find any for PSP, its like a stealth adventure game.

After GTA, JC's Avater, Marvel super hero squad, & Jak are done, I'm going to start uploading my old completed walkthroughs again :) After those are done, I'm going to upload my old still in progress walkthroughs and continue them. Those games are FF Dissidia and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


I'm going to add some stuff to the home page, like a release date calendar for the PSP and also some widgets that will get me some revenue from These feature will be up soon.


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