Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Been a while eh?

Lol well I have just been lazy and shit knowing. Christmas is coming up, I already got MW2 from my bro with a headset for the holidays, so I'm up all night playing that with him and friends. I've been changing my site drastically, especially during this week because I already ran out of bandwidth by supplying you all downloads, 2GBs of a week! every time you take what I give you like downloads or pictures, my bandwidth gets eatin' up and the funny thing is, is that the downloads are like 10mb and some aren't even a MB lol god you all are crazy, I know my site isn't out there like that so I didn't think I would loose all my bandwidth within a week lol assholes, but i luv you guys :D LOL! So thanks, just keep spreading my sites name out there for me, it really helps. So anyways I'm not doing anymore updates and stuff, I don't have enough money to keep buying bandwidth so I'm just gonna keep my site simple. Maybe in the future I'll continue doing that, but right now my ass is broke.


FirzenX said...

Hey Ash,this is Lisar05.Why didn't you upload GTA : Chinatown Wars PArt 25.PLs upload it a little faster.

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