Friday, September 25, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Driver '76, Questions Answered, Whats Next, etc etc.

Game is done!

And I enjoyed every bit of it. I had so much fun with game so this goes on the list of one of my favorite games I've done so far. The problem I didn't like about it was that it felt dead, being that there weren't that much ppl walking around in the game, it was like a desert. The graphics weren't that amazing as well, including the buildings, and the character models; its like it was not up to date even tho it was made in 07. Other than that it was cool, the point of the game was for Ray to get hooked up with this asian woman name chen chi by completing missions and impressing her father. The game reminded me of GTA and wheelman which are games that I like, so I knew i would enjoy this despite the flaws i mentioned which were my opinion only. This isn't the best game out there for the PSP, many games are way better than this, but its worth playing. It has humor, guns, fast cars, explosions and other stuff thats fun. The game is awesome! The rest of the videos will be up soon, including my site as well.

To answer your questions with these and other NEW games you want me to do, NO. Why? well these new games require a certain firmware update for me to play them, but if I update my PSP to that firmware, I wont be able to record! :(

So I have to wait until coders mod the new firmware update so I can update to that, then I'll be able to record those games for you guys. So right now you all have to be patient with me.

In a couple of days I plan on doing this to replace Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I am going to do this in CO-OP mode with my good friend Dcool27, and it's going to be a split screen walkthrough showing My view and his view together, cool right?! lol.

So in the mean time, i'm also going to do more NFS: Shift videos, and Final Fantasy Dissidia as well as X-men origins Legends II: Rise Of The Apocalypse. Stay tuned for more updates!


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