Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Obscure: The Aftermath

I had one level to do, but i was sooooooooo lazy to do it!

This game is awesome, and I hope Obscure 2 comes on the Playstation portable as well. The game reminds me of silent hill and resident evil combined, so it's horror survival action game. It had guns bats and everything in it to use to survive. The game starts off from a flashback of you looking for someone in some spooky place with a deformed killer in there. You get all the way in that place and then end up dying, you wake up and all of a sudden you are in a college dorm? Haha I was already confused. So it turns out some strange things have been goin on at leafmore and some brave students have the guts to figure out whats goin on and stop the darkness. This darkness were flowers that these students used to drink and do drugs with, but they didn't know that they were getting mutated into monsters and stuff from the flower. The game is about teamwork and thats what I liked about it. As the game progressed, we began to get more people on our team that had different abilities for example one was good with lock picking, and another was good at hacking computers and getting through password protected doors, so it was very unique. Ok, so one of our team members had a brother that got mutated into some strong scary looking thing, we thought we killed it 2 times but it survived, it later then impregnated another one of our teammates to spread its shit around. In the end most of our teammates died, it was kinda sad lol, and out of like 10 ppl in our team, only 2 lived. In the End we had to fight the brother again and end this once and for all. We killed him, and a helicopter was coming for us, but the impregnated chick was in there and looked like she gave birth and then all of a sudden the helicopter blows up and the darkness continues lol.

I really enjoyed this game a lot, and the ONLY thing I did not like was the camera and the PSP's only one analog stick problem, it was hard to control especially in fights. Monsters were busting me in the back of my head and I couldn't see them, and the aiming sucked as well. Overall the game is awesome, graphics were good, the controls were smooth, the AI kept gettin in the way like a dam wall and the story was confusing lil. I give it a 3.5/4 out of 5. Remember these are just my opinions and my personal review of the game, don;t go by it and decide if you want to get it or not because of what I said. Man up and decide on your own.


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