Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Undead Knights

Well that's off the to do list finally, this game owns. About this game, A long time ago 2 people from a kingdom were killed, they were brought back to life as the undead knights to kill and have revenge with the aid of the undead, but in the end it was the Romulus blood, their leader who was the one who killed them.

I had a lot of fun with this game, its like a hack and slash dynasty warrior game with a little overlord form controlling the zombie minions as I mentioned in my final thoughts of this demo. You were to pick up to 3 three characters, the 2 that were killed, and Romulus. They each had their own story on their revenge, and of course I chose the hot chick Sylvia, who was pretty badass. I enjoyed the game a lot, but a lot of things were disappointing to me. Its really repetitive, just hack and slash and at a certain point you were able to leave an area by telling your zombies to do a certain task; Its like that throughout the whole game. I hated the graphics in the gameplay, it was like it was rushed or something. I didn't like the cutscenes when they were just standing there talking and moving their body, I just thought it should have been cinematic like the intro and the major cut scenes that were shown throughout the game. At times the camera seemed annoying really, but by pressing the "L" shoulder button you were able to change it. Other than that it was a fun game, you were able to upgrade your character and there were other multiplayer modes you can do as well with a friend. So its fun single player and as multiplayer; a game to have in a PSP collection. But like I also say, don't be a tool and go with what I say, I have videos of me beating the game so watch those and make your decision if you like it or want to get it.


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