Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Jak & Daxter: TLF

Game done, and proud of this one actually; the fist Jak & Daxter game for the PSP. I played jak 3 before, and I was hoping this one would be similar with the guns and being able to go dark jak or light jak. they replaced it with some eco powers that had certain abilities to get over obstacles mostly. The story was ok, some asshole who we trust tried to get some dark eco and make himself badass but we stopped him before he got any further. Some of the missions were flying based which was cool, some missions were annoying and long to me; good think for quick checkpoint because I hate to die and start all over. So the game was fun to me, for some reason the games frame rate was low for me and i had to speed up things, it was annoying. graphics were cool, almost resembling the ps2, just not as smooth. I had no problem with the cutscenes at all, they were all in good quality. The problems I had with this game was of course it wasn't like the other jak games with the abilities he had in the previous games and stuff, a lot of jak fans complained about it. The developers seemed like they didn't wanna take a step further with this game, but basically sorta branch out a bit on a safe side, just to experiment which I thought could have been better, but still the game was cool. To me, I think that this game should have only been out for the PSP only and not the ps2 because it just took a step back from all the other jak games, plus its made by different people. There were other mini missions that I didn't care about, along with some upgrades as well which you don't need. You were able to customize your plane and add weapons and stuff, at first I didn't care about those things, but the missions kept getting challenging forcing you to care and start upgrading and shit. The game was free roam, you were able to fly to any land and start doing anything you want, but the maps were short though. Anyways I give this game a 3.8 out of 5, I believe this game is only good for the PSP, especially since there wasn't really anything to do in this game and more stuff could have been added which is why its more of a PSP game in my opinion, just like assassins creed bloodlines and that's why its only for the PSP and not the next gens. This game is awesome though, just seems a bit quiet for a jak game.

Remember kids, these are my thoughts, not necessarily facts to agree with and decide if you want the game yourself or not at all. So have some balls and decide what you think, you aren't a tool.


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