Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - ASSassin's Creed: Bloodlines

Well well well you guys, the game is done, and a walkthrough is already up(will be soon in the morning) before the actual release of this game. I kick so much ass!

And I got some stuff to say. This game is an extent that is, which is gameplay wise. I thought of the game as rushed, unbalanced meaning that it was just half assed. I believe they focused more on the gameplay(which is good) than the other features of the game. The graphics were ok, it could have been better. The sprites were horrible as fuck, they has like sharp edges for there hands and heads, there was a cutscene where a woman showed her ring..yet it looked like it was tattooed on her finger, and it had no detail. basically what I'm saying is that the characters weren't smooth at all, it was like a paper cut out, nothing was really detailed except Altair's costume. They sacrificed the look of the game for gameplay instead of taking their time and balancing it out. No facial expressions at all during cutscenes, it was like the actual face was just painted on like a ps1 game. I can't complain about the scenery and buildings, it is a free roam game with huge maps so by increasing the quality of the building and items like plants, the water etc etc, then I'm sure the game will LAG as hell. To add on it kept repeating itself with the characters lol, I was like fighting 6 of the same people at one time and it felt really stupid.

They could of added more to the game, especially more levels and you weren't able to ride horses..or swim! But still, I had a shit load of fun with this game, and it still goes down on my top lists of favorites. Its great that it has side missions, plus you can replay the levels(memory blocks) which I also like in games. The fighting and jumping across building and assassinating ppl is really fun! that I enjoyed. The game is like Prince of persia, but without the annoying ass puzzles. When fighting, the game is about timing, countering and smart thinking. When I have a life bar, I'm always looking at it, and it distracts me a lot and i lose focus sometimes. But in this game I was able to take it off, and just rely on my gut and I was able to focus more, and I felt comfortable playing this game.

So from the lack of detail, shitty character sprites, not up to par graphics, but amazing gameplay, oh and I forgot to mention the stupid glitches. I give it a 3.8/4 out of 5. They made it clear that its just a portable version so we should not expect much which is reasonable, but they took out things you can do in the Assassins creed from the console versions and many other things, so i'm sure this will disappoint a lot of Assassin's Creed fans, but at the same time have fun playing it.

Remember, this is just an opinionated review and what I think of the game, which means it only matters to me and that what I say isn't necessarily facts. So if you enjoyed the gameplay, then go a head and buy it.


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