Monday, November 23, 2009

Lil update on Tekken 6

The creator of the decryptor who goes by the name of Yoshihiro, a french native does know what the situation is and a new decrypter will come soon, I hope it comes today.

He said...

"Hi the new decryption is already down "Hi sony."

"Sony use it only since 6.XX firmware a New system of decryption the key is on every umd's "NOT in Plaine TEXT just a message for noobs" it's encrypted in AES and it's generated with kirk7 the new key is never stored inside mesgled so now you cant extract it like usual you have only to waiting for a release date if i release it one day and noway for a gamedecrypter."

So it looks like he knows what he's doing and what cheap tricks sony did to stop us from playing tekken 6 and maybe other future games. They basically changed the encryption code of the UMD, and because of that, the decrypter does not recognize it to decrypt it. All I and other CFW users have to do now is wait.


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