Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - N.S.L Akatsuki Rising

I just finished the game, and I'm happy I did because now you Naruto idiots can leave me a lone.

The game was great, the first Naruto 3D adventure fighting game for the PSP. A lot of people said that they didn't like the graphics, but failed to realize that its from a cartoon! and that its only a PSP and not a PS3! lol stupid asses. But really the game great. It followed the shippuden anime with retrieving the Kazakage(Gaara) from the Akatsuki who were trying to capture him to suck out the jinchuriki out of Gaara. They managed to take it out of him, and he died, but the hidden leaf took him back, then some old lady named chiyo came and did a reanimation jutsu to give up her life to save another, Gaara lived, everybody was happy blah blah blah. The the I didn't like was the cutscenes, god dam they were long as hell. If you watched my walkthrough then there is no need to watch the anime since the game showed it all! Another thing was that this game was ridiculously hard towards the end of the game. I mean that game forces you to level up to beat certain missions lol, unless you saved up money to buy medicine and shit which is what I did to save time from training and leveling up. People also said that they should of had more combos and stuff, which I kinda agree, even tho I doubt you would do them all since the game is very challenging unless you are fighting someone with a very low level. Overall the game was aweomse, and you fanboys weren't at all with the rushing. I do plan on doing accel 3 when it comes out, so stay tuned for that.

The rest of chapter 10 will be up soon today!

So thats it, i'm gonna continue playing the rest of the games and try to beat them since i've been focusing on naruto a lot.

Also, I'm gonna start...

Soon after undead knights. I played a lil bit of it, I just didn't like the view in game play, they look like Ants; but the HD will zoom them in :)


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