Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Good News...maybe?

Another update with the Tekken situation

The PSN version, which is the LEGIT version has been seen today on PSN. A user from a forum that I go to has downloaded it and said that it may be possible to decrypt it?

His quote...

Well i just bought the 2 new mini's from the usa psn store (Blast Off & Lets Golf) Blast Off contains the OPNSSMP.BIN file, & is 6.10

I tried the iso on gen 5.50d2 after converting it to an iso and it told me i needed to upgrade to 6.10, but after using the v4 decryptor it worked fine so it looks like the new games will not play untouched until we gen new cfw, but at least their still playable right?

I've just bought Tekken 6 which was added to psn today and will let you know if it works, if it does not work the namco is the issue not sony

He goes by the name of "Kiss Of Death" on the interwebz. He posted that about 4-5 hours ago...but has not said a word if it worked or not since; rumors say that he uploaded it on a private forum >_> I know his ass is playin Tekken and all the other V.I.P. lol I ain't stupid. But like he said he'll let us know.


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