Monday, August 31, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory


Since some of my friends on the tube started doing call of duty games for consoles, so I thought I do one for the PSP :)

And I don't regret ever doing it, I actually enjoyed it a lot, it was really fun. The thing I hated about it was those dam glitches and the stupid yet funny AI's who thought they were invincible and think they wont get killed in the line of fire lol. The glitches were horrible as fuck, There were times where I threw grenades at invisible walls and they would bounce off and I get killed -_-. And during the last mission, which I had to do a couple of times because of glitches, The first time the game froze on me when I had to do ONE final thing to end the game, the second was where one of my fail teammates stood in the way where i'm suppose to go to complete the final mission but with all these dam glitches in the way, the asshole was blocking me so I had to restart the dam level. But other than that the game made me laugh with these glitches and how dumb my teammates were. I barely even get what the point of the game was, the only thing I noticed was that we were always killing germans in different countries, so i'm guessing they did somethin stupid which made them mad and start a war; I know the war was taken place in the 1940's tho. FPS are really hard to play on a PSP, and when I play them, my hands start to really hurt but, nonetheless I had a whole lot of fun and laughs playing this game, and If another one comes out, then I would be more than happy to do it. Remember, don't go with what I say, these are only my opinions, but if you are a tool and don't have a mind of your own, then go ahead and decide if you like or want to buy this game from my final thoughts.

Expect a Call Of Duty: Roads to victory fail montage soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh yea

If you are all wondering why I stopped uploading and deleted the video, well it's because square enix are mean and they do not want me to upload videos of this game, maybe sometime in the future

Ash's Final Thoughts - Hanny

Done Bitches!

Thats right I did what no man can do, and thats complete a hanny game, but most of you did what 14-15-16 year old pussies do on youtube, which is bitch rate 1 star or unsub, even though it was just a joke playthru. lol I think i lost around 20 subs just because I did this game, i'm not worrying about that, I have no problem getting them back and plus if I have 3000 or more subs then i'll be fine :D

But lets get to my thoughts of this game, now in order to be a man (for the the children on youtube who bitched) you have to put aside the hate of a girl game, her show, her music and hanny, and thats what i'm going to do. It was like a ddr type of thing where you had to follow the keys and press the directions they are pointing too. The game was boring to me, the cutscene were like cut up cardboard boxes of the people bouncing around, and they had laugh tracks when the "audience" would laugh, lol I just thought that was so stupid, so i hated that. But the game got a little more fun with the ddr part towards the end became more challenging. If you love hanny then you would like this game a lot because you get to set up your stage and dress up hanny and her backup dancers for each of her 13 songs you have to do.

Overall i'm glad it's done, this is the most epic playthru/wakltrhough out there because no man would ever do this. It takes ballz to complete this son

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I finally got this done after A month I think; it's a very long game. I have this game for my 360 as well so I wanted to try and do the PSP version. The game was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot, I wish I played co op with someone. The story was great, Dr. Doom steals Odin's powers who's the god of all gods and wants to destroy and corrupt the world and stuff. So they sent out the ultimate alliance to take care of that. I really have no problems with the game, the only thing that bothered me was the camera and how zoomed out it looked, it was hard sometimes to see the character when you are fighting, they were like ants at times. But other than that it was great. AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2! The rest of the parts will be up soon on youtube and on Ash's PSP Games! soon.

I wish I could have done G.I. Joe, but I might soon in the future, until then its back to pain in the ass Prince Of Persia. BAI!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dammit Again!

Just when I get G.I Joe, it wants you to update to version 5.55 to play the fucking game, and I can't do that cuz I'll lose CFW(custom firmware), and that is how I make my videos. So now I have to wait until a new CFW update comes for 5.55 to play this dam game!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance, here I come.

Edit: Now version 5.55 will be the required firmware to play new games now I guess, sony is gettin smart. I hope GEN or DAX come up with something and make a new CFW with this new update

Monday, August 3, 2009


Now i'm reading that Brave: A warriors Tale has been canceled for the release date on different sites, but some still have the actual release date, i dunno whats goin on. I hope it gets leaked out or something. :(

If the game doesn't come out then I would just have to stick with G.I. Joe, which is still cool.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I just heard about this game and watched some gameplay and I think it's a game I would enjoy and wouldn't mind walkthu'ing it; It comes out on the 3rd. So along with G.I. Joe will be Brave: A warriors Tale. This game is about the world and adventures of Native America, I'm half Native American so I gotta see and can't wait to play this game lol. Click here for more about this game, BAI!

Quick Update

G.I. Joe is coming in a couple of days so i'm gonna once again pause Marvel Ultimate Alliance(sorry) and work on G.I. Joe when it comes out. It comes out on the 4th, but I might get it today or tomorrow if I'm lucky.

And also Indiana Jones - A.T.S.O.T.K. has been added to the site (Ash's PSP Games!) so for easier access, just watch it there. BAI!