Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm pausing both walkthrus and doing this one real quick as I can!

Videos may be up today, but definitely 2morrow

Updates, plans, blah blah blah...

lol Ive been really lazy and almost forgot I had a blog.

Lat time we left off I was doing the simpsons walkthru which I completed. So here's a quick review, the game was epic, i enjoyed it and it was WAY better than the family guy video game, more levels, comedy and t didn't seem rushed. The only problem was the graphics, I thought they were horrible, but who cares, a good game counts first in my book. So yea I'll just be uploading some Prince Of Persia and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for now, then after that, I wanna do manhunt2 which will not be on youtube, and GTA VCS at the same time.

Anyways, I update the look of my website, it aint much but all I did was just put the template I made in a frame I thought it looked a lil cooler lol. I'm still learning with this confusing html crap but i'm gettin there lol so don't go hard on me.

I've been really thinking and playing a lot of homebrew games which are basically made up games that developers make for the PSP like that homer game I uploaded recently, and now I wanna create a collection of me playing a few of them and put'em on my site. They are PSP games so I said to myself, then why not do the ones I like :)