Sunday, November 22, 2009

Updates, TEKKEN 6, and some future racing?...maybe? maybe?

Well spongebob is almost done, got about 4 levels up in private(since I don't like uploading videos like that alone) and 2 more levels left. I'm gonna try and focus more on the other games I've been kinda neglecting, So sponge will go on hold just for a bit for those fans out there... is almost near, hopefully I can get it today and it'll work. I'm a fan of the Tekken serious, not on the PSP so this would be my first time taking a shot at it. I will be doing ALL story modes for each available character, and I cannot wait.
I've had my eye on this game quite some time now, but never played it being that Need4Speed was a fail. Today I had the guts to go and try playing it, and OMFG this game kicks so much ass, the graphics are amazing and it is SOOOO not boring to play because bashing ppl, jumping off cliffs, off roading type of racing is my type of thing. Vids will be up very soon, maybe in a couple of days. I'm gonna do my "Festival" which is like my story mode. I'm sure its maybe close to 100 races to do! So i will definitely not do all, it'll be just somethin to have up in my library, a perfect racing game to start off with since I have not done any racing games nor really like them too much.


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