Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ash's PSP Games uploads

I've been sleeping on some games, especially LBP, Motorstorm and the forgotten Marvel super hero squad. LBP videos will be up, the whole 2 chapter to be specific. I'm gonna try and do at least 1 chapter a day for LBP, a level or 2 for ghostbsters, 2 races for motorstorm, and of course some Jak videos throughout the week or so. After Ghost is finished, I'm going to continue finishing up Sponge which I have 3 levels left. I've also been sleeping on Chinatown wars, I'm going to record some today actually, at least 5 missions to add on my site; so hopefully there will be more China by 2morrow. For MSHS, I'm going to wait until Ghost is finished, as well as sponge to scratch some unfinished games off my back.


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