Monday, December 7, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Ghost & Sponge

Gonna try and make my thoughts of these games quick.

I was really excited for this game, and when I played it I got what i expected. The game was great, it was fun and longer than I expected. The game was a port from the wii version which looks ok but kiddy'ish. The cutscenes for the game were horrible, being that it was compressed so much for the PSP to play. It lagged like a motherfucker! especially during boss battles; I had to restart the level from dying because of the lag so much. If the game didn't lag a lot then I would have enjoyed it A LOT more. Overall like I said, it was great, and also comical. I like 3rd person PSP games, and each time they come out I always try to play them. It sorta resembled the unreal engine like how gears of wars is played, and thats actually my favorite game engine so I enjoyed that. The camera was hard to control because of the lack of an extra analog, plus the lag. The graphics weren't up to par with the PSP, some of the characters sprites were distorted, you could barely see the actual eyes of some characters with a close up. So for my rating, I give this game 2.8/3

Gameplay was fun and amazing, but was ruined in my opinion form the constant lag; one of the reasons why I hate ports for the PSP. They don't improve nothing for a port of a PSP game. It's like they port, change the buttons and act like they don't care after that.

Now for Spongy, I had a kickass time with this lol. This game was so much fun, this is why I like to give odd games a chance, because most of them are actually better than the popular ones. This game is also a port from the next gen consoles, and a good one. In the game, stupid ass spongebob lost the secret formula for the krabby pattie, he lost his memory and to get it back we have to make him happy by playing his deepest memories that reminded him of happy thoughts; at the same time plankton is trying to get the memory first before we find it. In the end, stupid ass spongebob remembered that the formula all this time was in his back pocket, but it wasn't the forumula, it was lottery numbers that Krabs gave him >_> so the asshole never had it. Mr. Krabs was the one who had it! It was in his back pocket all this dam time lol, this cartoon is funny and stupid. Anyways the graphics were outstanding! they were perfect! almost everything really. It's a kiddy game, so it was really repetitive for an older person, not many attack options at all. The cutscenes were kinda laggy and a little fuzzy but tolerable to me. Also the facial expressions didn't even change during minor cutscenes, they just had this stupid look while you heard the dialogue. So my rating for the PSP version, I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.

Graphics were amazing including gameplay, but some what repetitive which made it a little boring, i'm not going to lie. Boss battles were easy, Major cutscenes were laggy and the minor cutscenes could of fit the dialogue more. This is a kids game, so I'm not going to give it a bad rating because its for kids which most of you stupid 15 year old KIDS would probably do. I gave it a 4.5 because it's perfect for children who like spongebob a lot, the gameplay was up to par for a child as well, but not for someone thats older. I felt that the cutscenes could have improved more, mainly the minor ones just to make kids laugh and be into it more since the major cutscenes hardly showed up.

The remaining videos of Ghost & Sponge will be up soon, later in the evening time.

Always remember that these are just my opinions and not facts. If you like what you have seen in my videos, then get the game for that reason. You aren't a slave and i'm not your mommy; grow some balls.


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