Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - MSXX

Well dam lol, that was quick...what was it? 2 days? my new record ;P

So anyways, I do not really know what to say so I don't think I'll say that much. The game was shorter than other metal slug games, I believe they had like 10 missions, this game only had 7. The story is like any other metal slug game, you're just working your way up to the boss that started screwin up stuff, nothing has changed. They added a new weapon, some lighting gun I barely used because I kept getting killed. Thats another thing, you are always dying in this game, one hit you are killed and you are back alive with a pistol. The missions were troublesome, well not really they were easy, but the boss battles were a pain in the ass. The game was fun to play and it inspired me to do metal slug anthology in the future one day. I do think this was a setback from the other metal slug games, I do think that the other were way better than this even though they had like 70 mini game missions. The graphics and style of the game have not changed, which is good, it would be gay if it did. So for my rating I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Nothing really new got me excited, its still the same, they could of added more guns, more use of vehicles or whatever, its like they went back on this game in my opinion; still fun though and would love to have infrastructure mode added.

Remember, my opinion only matter to me, I'm not your mommy so you can get the game if YOU want to and like it.


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