Thursday, May 20, 2010


This game is gonna be huge! published or developed by sony, one of them I dunno. But anyways its gonna be the next Littlebigplanet but with racing. It's similar with LBP with the customizations just like in LBP how you were able to have a character looking like kratos, and it also has a mario kart feel to it with the weapons and how the car moves and looks, so it has some similarities to the mario kart series. So if you like those 2 games, then this game is for you!

I'll be doing this and Prince of Persia for now, once P.O.P. is done, I'll get back to GUN Showdown because subs are flying up!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well as you can see, I started a walkthru on this. It's not what I expected...AT ALL! The PSP version is a 3D sidecroller, kind of like the original one before they made it to the ps2 consoles, so the PSP version brings back the P.O.P. roots. BUT will definitely disappoint a shit load of people lol. I think its ok so far though. I'll also continue GUN: Showdown

Moving on...

I just ordered me my headset, the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset to specific. I heard a preview of it on the tube and it sounds amazing. So now I can chat on Skype and maybe do some commentary walkthrus, which I will do for my 50th walkthru soon :)

Ash's Final Thoughts - SFLS

I did a little review on this when I first completed the game, which you can view Here!

But to add some words to it, like I said in my first review, the game is awesome! There is no way for a human gamer to not like this game, if you don't then you're retarded. This game is really tiring, got a little frustrated with the last boss fight, I almost died before I won; got lucky lol. But anyways I give this game like a 3.8 out of 5, I haven't played dark mirror yet like I said, so I'll see if it's better or not, which of course would be my opinion. So don't go for it! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Iron Man 2 & MOHH2

Both games were shitty so expect a short review on both.

Iron Man 2 The game, horrible graphics, the pretty much only detailed thing in there were iron man and war machine. The gameplay was very slow, it lagged a lot and I swear the game was ran at 20 fps or less especially the last boss fight with ultimo. Oh and it was very dumb how you didn't fight that whip guy when his dumbass was all over the dam trailers, but you fought some weird looking people who probably aren't in the movie since I didn't see it...yet. I personally thought it was better than the first one, character models were better, more variety of weapons plus war machine is in it. The game was longer than I thought, they could have made it shorter but they wanted to drag the game with shitty flying missions that ere really easy. I think I never died in this game, and to be honest, while playing I didn't even know where my health bar was; this game was really easy in general, just gotta use your brain. I didn't like how you were only able to hover and shit instead of flying and doing other things like the first one. That made the game corny because who wants to play an iron man game and cant even barely fly, so it made it boring, plus he hovered slow. During the story, I was wondering when I was going to be able to use war machine, turns out I had to not continue story, but to mission select the next mission and then be able to choose war machine, which I thought was cooler than Iron man. The game had a cool upgrade sstem that only works when you mission select and not continue the story...STUPID; I kept on wondering why my upgrades weren't doing anything while I was playing. I personally enjoyed the soundtrack of the game, they were actually known bands with just the instrumental of the songs. I was also able to use different iron man costumes, which were cool, i think they had their own unique ability to increase a specific stat like strength, speed, etc etc.

So yea, the game was horrible, slow pased boring, shitty graphics, and dumb. Gameplay was kinda fun just shootng people, which is all you did really so it was repetitive. I give this game a dam 1.5 out of 5

Now for shitty MOHH2.

First of all, any army game where your ass can't go on your fucking belly is a pile of shit. This game is basically you against the world, you gotta do everything and no one helps, its bullshit. Your team just stays there behind a corner while you're 50 feet away from them and they are barely firing. Gameplay was fun, its always fun shooting people, graphics were fine, but I also thought the gameplay was very slow, you move so dam slow and the sprinting doesn't even last for long. This game had a weird way of spawning enemies, basically if you kill a set, they will keep coming unless you move closer, the fighting will never end so I thought that was stupid. The last mission was insane because once again you are doing things on your own. You gotta set charges and blow up pillars and open doors full of Germans which I thought was impossible to beat because it took me 3 days to think up a strategy and trick the game. Like I said earlier, if you kill one set of enemies, they will come back again with more. So I had to kill 2 enemies and leave the last one there, go to the other set and grenade both enemies but stay where i was because if i moved to their position and blown them up, a shit load will come. So I had to nade the two from where i was, wait till they were blown up and then run for the freaking exit dodging bullets and head for cover. I think I was the first one to successfully pass the last mission on youtube; So yay >_> but yea still shitty game! I thought it was kinda boring, no interaction with your team mates at all, pretty much the only talkin was the intro of the mission. Only seven missions, not really fun objectives too. Call of duty for the PSP was kickass, way better than this pile of shit though I thought MOHH2 had better details than COD; but COD was much bigger and better. COD had its flaws but at least I was able to go on my dam belly for cover. But i give this game a 2 out of 5, better than Ironman 2 at least lol

Friday, April 30, 2010


Movie games are shitty, but you all know I like to do them lol. I played a bit of it and It's pretty cool, better than the first one.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some random stuff, updates.

Yesterday I just payed my website bill which I forgot to do lol if I waited another day my website would not be up today as I type this.

So as you can see...

Has been started. I know that I have been doing some old games recently, it's just that I have not seen any new games that I want to do, they all looked shitty. But these old games are awesome. Along with Medal Of Honor heroes 2, I plan on doing...

Which is one of my favorite games and one of the best series in my opinion. Ironman 2 is coming out soon, I want to do that as well, and I also want to do the new prince of persia...Which will be kick ass in my opinion. Soon after that I'll be doing SP: Dark Mirror and the First Medal Of honor game.

Ash's Final Thoughts - The Force Unleashed, Dead Head Fred

I got to games to review so I'm gonna try and make this short.

The game and story of this were awesome, and actually a re do of one of my old games I completed a long time ago. You play as the apprentice of this who starts off hunting down powerful jedi to prove himself to vadar that he's ready to take down the emperor along side vadar. While doing this he falls in love his his pilot and also sees that the things he's doing is wrong and that it is the sith who are the bad ones, he was adopted by vadar and lied to from the start, he was even tricked to kill his own father. So in the end he fights vadar and then he has to choose in the end to continue to fight vadar, to prove himself to the emperor and sit along side him as a new sith lord, or kill the emperor and put an end to this. One was the light ending(emperor fight) and the other was the dark ending(vadar fight). But in those endings there were both full of sadness, the apprentice dies in the light ending becoming a legend and strength to the jedi and their forces, but the emperor and vadar lives. In the dark ending, everyone dies from the ship exploding, and the apprentice sort of had a Darth vadar makeover because he was blown probably to bits but was still alive, and the pilot he fell in love with, along with the people he came to rescue in the first place all died.

So yea that's the story. The game was shitty as hell, graphics sucked, laggy as fucked, everything was choppy, the whole game was ugly. But it was fun playing, the boss fights were awesome with the button simulation finishes. The game also had like a battle mode where you can do versus mode and other stuff. In the game you were able to collect different color crystals and upgrade certain moves, and items to make your saber stronger, or force push, etc etc. SO basically its an action RPG game, so the gameplay was cool, but made it annoying and hard to enjoy so I give this game a 2.5 out of 5.

Oh wow hahaha, this game was so amazing, from mission one to the fuckin' credits, Every cutscene of this game will you have rolling, this shit is hilarious! and I'm happy I completed the game, but dam this game was hard, long and very annoying.

You start off in castle with a doctor above you, everything is all green and fuzzy. Long story short the doctor tells you that he's dead and was revived back to life, but he doesn't have his head but only a jar with a brain in it lol; Fred goes crazy which is understandable. The doctor explain that a powerful man named Ulysses Pitt is the man behind him being killed. But Fred remembers that name, but barely remembers anything, but throughout the game he recovers his memory slowly. Anyways so his objective is to take down Pitt and get his head back from him, but of course thats not an easy task. You go through hell in this game. As you progress, you are able to collect heads from special monsters to use for your arsenal collection of other heads. Each head has a different ability, some allowing him to shrink, and some allowing him to withstand nuclear fumes, or even absorb air to fly or absorb water to take out fires. This game is very unique and an underrated game in my opinion. Pitt had a main guy beside him named lefty, who was kind of fucked up, his right arm and leg were frail thin and small, but his left arm was huge, kind of like the "charger" in left for dead 2, his short little leg was short for him to walk, so he used a Tommy gun to support it as his peg leg, which also worked as a gun. He later discovers that at first he was working on a case of one of his murdered friends and it turned out that it was Pitt who killed him, he found out by this ability thta allowed him to take heads from dead people and see visions lol and he saw the vision of him being killed before he died, so now that memory of Pitt killing him has been restored. He also remember that he had video proof of him killing him, before Fred died he confronted him but was killed by Pitt and Lefty to save themselves. So fred goes after him with revenge. Towards the end of the game, we fight left which was easy, he fell in nuclear waster that transformed him into a dinosaur lookin' mother fucker who can't seem to die, because we thought we killed him. After that we go to where pitt is and before we open up those doors, the lefty dinosaur asshole was there so we had to kill him again, but the asshole didn't die! Long story short we finally get up to pitt, but the left dinosaur ruined us killing pitt so we had to finally take out the lefty dinosaur which was the last battle, the battle was intense that left also took pitt down to his death, but guess what, he was still alive. Pitt died though from the lefty monster eating him because he wouldn't shut up. Fred was about to get his head which was on the balcony, that was destroyed by the dinosaur lol so the head is lost, but he didn't care because pitt died, and he saved the girl that was captured by pitt(which i forgot to mention) and I think she grew to like his new look haha. The lefty dinosaur still lived too, it just ran off somewhere.

So that's the story, weird ass game, and the most weirdest game I have ever played in my dam life. But really this game is awesome, had a lot of fun. The game had some original gloomy jazzy in game music which went well with the game, the game had annoying ass puzzles especially in the boss fights. The game wasn't that straight foward, plenty of times I got lost because I didn't know where the fuck to go to complete the game. It was repetitive! everywhere you went you had to fight and they werent that many combos or anything, so it made you just want to run from them because they were too time consuming; plus they did too much fuckin' damage to you in my opinion; I thought that was bullshit. The maps in this game were yucky, the people in the maps all looked the same and it seemed deserted being that there were hardly anyone there in the towns and stuff. The graphics were ok, but the characters models seemed rushed, they were horrible except for Fred and the antagonists. So I guess I'll stop it there, I give this game a 3.9 out of 5. It's a really good game, it was just rushed with the character modeling, and it was repetitive and it drove you to not want to fight but just want to get through the mission and thats not good. But really I had a lot of fun and laughs from beginning to the end.

So thats it, remember folks these are my opinions and not necessarily facts that should make you decide if you want a particular game or not. Decide on your own by watching some of my videos, thats all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just stuff

So yea, I'll continue on with Star wars which i'm almost done. Then I'll do some Dead Head Fred levels, and then upload some medal of honor heroes 2 videos soon after since I've slept on Dead Head Fred.

Oh and on, every month I do like an online raffle that I use to shuffle the games I have uploaded so it can choose the game of the month for me lol. I've been doing it for some time now, just wanted to share that.

So yea the game of the month is...

The game sucks but w/e check it out! lol

Ash's Final Thoughts - Crisis Core: FFVII

83 videos, and over 10 hours of gameplay from yours truly.

My favorite game for the PSP has been completed! And I almost cried at the ending like the first time I played it! :D Lol. But yea this game is awesmoe, very sad too. If you want to get into Final Fantasy, this this is the game for you, plus it isn't that long at all, not hard too.

In the game we start off with an inspiring young dude named Zack who fights for a group named "SOILDER" his dreams is to become a hero. But things have been pretty strange in SOILDER, he has been forced to leave the ones who he cared about, and to defeat the people who he lived and dreamed to become because they have seen the truth of shinra, and who they really are; it turned them crazy. A first class SOILDER named Genesis started all this mess and brought everyone in it. Genesis tries to destroy and take down shinra and the whole world with the gift of the goddess but zack stops him. It turns out later that his ally, his best friend cloud, has the cells to stop whats called the "degredation" process which are in certain SOILDER high class members who were born out of jenova(which is the source of their strength) or who carried a lot of strong cells from Jenova. Zack tries his best to save and protect him, and for that, he himself was wanted. In the end he protects Cloud with his life and dies. He tells cloud that he will be his legacy and that his dreams, his honor, is all his now. Sad story lol but its better to watch it :P There's more to it but I'm just giving the main stuff for you guys to understand.

So yea, My favorite game on the PSP. The graphics on this game were amazing, the cutscenes were beautiful as shit...which ain't beautiful but you know what I mean lol. Voice acting wasn't all that in certain parts but oh well. It's an action rpg game, the only type of RPG I would play, but I would pokemon! still do btw lol. So yea the game had action, romance, it was adventurous; just plain awesome. It was fun using materia powers and moving and swingin' that sword without standing there like other RPG games. What I didn't like was the DMV thing which allowed you to do certain moves and level up your abilities. Doing certain high power moves I understand, but to level up? hell no, I thought that was dumb. Basically I can train for hours and if the DMV doesnt show up and I don't get 777 then I don't level up, thats dumb, but I managed and took the time to level up to like in the 30's and then continued on. Doing the side missions were really helpful, you got gil(money) to buy shit, and materia to use in battle.

The last boss battle was genesis in his avatar state, and and his regular form, they were easy I guess from the level I was on, and the materia I had. All the boss battles were easy, you just gotta be quick when using items and do side missions. So for my rating I give this wonderful game, and a true game for RPG fans and A game that would get you into RPG a 4.7. Certain parts of the dialogue were stiff, and I thought the leveling up with the DMV thing was unnecessary which made it annoying and time consuming at times trying to level up. Beautiful game and will always be my favorite for the PSP. I hope they re make FF7 because of this.

Remember folks, these are just my opinions on this game, doesn't mean that its true, so watch my videos to decide if you like it or want to get the game your self :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tryin' Not To Be A Stranger Here(Update)

I decided To pause Dead Head Fred so I can focus on Crisis Core & Star Wars. I'm almost finish with those games and I wanna get those out of the way first. After that I'll continue it along with

My goal is to complete a handful of army games, including the first MOH. I want to do brothers in arms, rainbow 6, and maybe a GRAW game in the future.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Change Of Plan!

Ok I don't want to do The Red Star anymore, It was just getting annoying and I had like another 10 more missions to do, so I said eff it. If you die, yo would have to start all over from the beginning since there are no checkpoints. So that means I would have to put so much time into this, and I do not want to when I have better things to do and record.


Will be taking it's place. It's A game that has been on my mind forever.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I suck @ blogging!

Yea I know :(
I barely come on here, I'm just too dam lazy and a huge procrastinator. Well I just wanted to update you guys on this. Umm... Crisis or is almost done, I have completed around 70-75% of the game so maybe in 2 weeks I'll have this game finished. For star wars, been kinda slow but I'll record more missions today, 2 more to be specific.

I've also been recording some...

Which is kinda one of those killzone liberation/army of 2 type of games with the 3D skyscraper view. I resented those games like hell. but after playing army of 2, I've grown to tolerate them. This game isn't the best, but its fun. I played this a long time ago on the ps2 so I thought I give this a shot for the PSP. I recorded 5 missions already, they all have been edited and rendered actually. But I plan on uploading it when I record the whole game, this game shouldn't be long, probably like 10 missions or a little more, or even more than that which I don't care since I pplan on recording 5 missions a day. This game is really fun and I'm liking it a bit so far.

Ash's Final Thoughts - Fat@ss & Godfather

Well here it goes, I'll start of with Fat@ss. This game was one of the funniest games I have ever played and completed. I heard about this game ages ago when it was introduced to the ps3; I've always wanted to try this game out. The game is a strategy based game that takes a shit load of teamwork and smart thinking to win. In the story, 2 princesses from both sides found some cake in the woods that made them a cake eating zombie which led them to grow really fat lol. They said it was a curse, and in order for the curse to be broken, the princess had to be kissed by a prince. So after that, throughout the 14 missions we had to rescue our princess that has been captured by the other side, we had to bomb dragons, we had to take their princess to sabotage their plans and for the prince to no go to them, and other fun things which you can see in my walkthrough for it. In the end, we won and the prince came to us. They kissed and guess what...she was still fat, why? because as the prince said, there is no curse. So basically we did all that for nothing and realized that the princesses were just fatasses from eating too much cake LOL! But it wasn't really a waste, because the prince and the fat@ass lived happily ever after and they had a wedding to end the game. So continuing on with my thoughts, this game is awesome, period. The narrator of the game is really funny with the British accent and him reading the introduction to each level. About a couple of levels were a pain in the ass because they required a lot of teamwork. You were able to chop wood and transfer it to the weapon stations to upgrade it for more damage which I thought was cool. The AI in this game(referring to my teammates) were horrible! They really didn't do anything to help, the only thing they did was upgrade things which I did a lot with the AI. But they never really helped, they were always doing something else instead of fighting and helping us defend command posts etc etc. But eventually I found a way to win, which was to camp, it distracts the hard ass enemies to you while the other members of your team completes the objective. The AI on the other team were broken as well. The game had some flaws but still it was awesome. Oh and it had blood! The game also had different game modes, online death matches and other online modes. So that's it, I don't think this game is for anyone, its more for younger people and ppl who have a lil animation friendly side to them lol. So overall I give this game a 4.2 out of 5. this isn't a game for everyone to play and probably like, but at the same time if you give this game a chance, you'll enjoy yourself.

On to Godfather. I'll make this one short. Another game I re did. This game was bad, terrible camera, you couldn't drive, all you did was shoot, fight, and watch the cutscenes. But I had some fun though because I'm a Godfather fan, and who wouldn't play a godfather game.

This game pretty much followed the movie, except with the character you played with and Luca being his mentor and stuff. The game was about don vito and his gang/family doing stuff, he later dies and vito's son becomes the new godfather. People were traitors in our family and we killed them, blah blah blah. They had some unnecessary mode called mob wars which was retarded and you had to do some of those missions in there to continue on with the main story. I didn't understand what the hell was going on in the made, I just pressed buttons. They did give you a lot of upgrade points though, so I did a lot of the mob wars sections so I can breeze through the story. The cutscenes where ok, the graphics could have been better, nothing to complain about. You only had free roam to a specific point, if you go far then you abort the mission. That I hated. Overall I give this game a 2.8 out of 5 If it had more free roam and you would have been able to drive, then I would have given it a higher score. It is fun though, but it feels like the fun in this game doesn't last for long because of the terrible camera mainly and the other things I have mentioned.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just answering Q's

Unfortunately I cannot make videos of this game...

Why? well because remotejoylite is not compatible with the game Dante's Inferno and makes Ash really sad; he can't record it :( I believe it has something to do with why Resistance Retribution and why it isn't compatible with remotejoy. It has something to do with the game doing a USB check for the ps3 which stops remotejoylite from working.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So What's Next? & Sum stuff from Ash

I will be re doing my GF Mob Wars walkthrough, as well as re doing my favorite game Crisis Core: FF VII. Videos will be up in a couple of days, because as always I usually take a couple of days to relax after I completed, recorded, edited, and uploaded an entire game, which takes a lot of work and determination; plus I watch walkthroughs as well ;] lol so I like to do that too on my 2 day break.

Today I tried that Blazblue game for the PSP and it started out good with the opening credits how it was all cinematic and shit, but after I played a bit of the story, I realized the graphics were horrible. I actually still planned on doing like a playthrough of each characters story, but I died from getting like up to 30% then I had to start all over from the beginning, so I was like fuck it, another game added to the fuck it list. So basically if I made it to 99% and died ONE TIME, I would have to start from the beginning, I have no patience for that shit.

So yea, just sittin here with some anime paused trying to figure out what type of banner I wanna make for my site, it's time for a new one! :D I wanted to do like a Dante's Inferno/God Of War mix, but unfortunately there weren't many Good Dante's Inferno single images of him :( Rumors around the web are saying that its released in EUR, so who knows, we might get that game leaked and hopefully patched to get it to work with CFW, which means Ash can make videos which will probably get removed because they show boobies in that game and YT is gay! :D

Ash's Final Thoughts - GOW: Chains Of Olympus

Another game completed, just rendering the final parts right now.

I remember when this game came out for the PSP, it was huge! I read from sources that they were gonna make it a 2 or 3D sidescroller because they didn't think the PSP can handle a game like God Of War, which is why this game was short...probably. I think that was the problem with this game, it was too short lol maybe around 2hrs and some change. Although it was short, I had a lot of fun, I love God of war games with the slashing killing combos beat'em up style, and I can't wait for the third one to come out. Pretty much in this game I think the main objective was to find his daughter, but at the same time in order for him to move forward, he had to fulfill the gods request since he's a slave to olympus as he says. So in the end we find her, but had to let her go because Persephone, the goddess of death wanted to take revenge on olympus by destroying the world, and if she had succeeded, his daughter and everyone would die. So he chose to forever be without his daughter to save her and the world, pretty sad, we kicked Persephone's ass though for that lol. I enjoyed the button simulation kills, those were fun even though I kept messing up because the game cheated lol. There weren't that much combos, or extra weapons ex: the gauntlet of Zeus, but it was ok, I mean what can you expect from a PSP right? I didn't like how the enemies were able to still attack you and break your combo while you were hitting them, it was like it didn't hurt them and they were able to fight through your attacks and stop you from attacking. I understand if that were only for the big ass creatures, but come on the little soldiers? I thought that was retarded. Graphics were outstanding for the PSP including the cutscenes. The Missions weren't hard if you have a strategy in taking out a specific monster, I never tried it on God mode lol dunno if I will. They had other mini games and other stuff you can do, but I didn't care to try them. So I give this game a 3.8/4 out of 5, I honestly believe it's to small for a God Of War game, which I can understand since its for the PSP, but still. Either way this is one of the best games on the PSP.

Remember plpz, my opinions are not facts about this game, keep that in mind.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Lol I just couldn't take it anymore, this game is too shitty to be long, I thought I completed it, but then it just went on and on as I recorded and played. After I stopped to edit them, I noticed my Laptop did not recognize my sound device do as a result, the videos I recorded had no sound! X( So I said Fuck it.

So as you know, ahem...

I started the awesome God Of War, this is my second time doing this game and I think this was my first ever walkthrough I made lol. Back then my video quality was shitty, so now I'm re doing it in HD. I recorded Part 2 as well, which splits up to 9 parts and those videos will be up soon throughout the day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just updating ya

I got my RAM for my laptop! but unfortunately my laptop only works with only one RAM stick in with the old one, so I'm pissed as fuck. Anyways, I'm going to focus on completing MUA2 and then Pursuit force next. After those two are done, I wanna do Dante's inferno with God of War at the same time lol, and if I'm not able to play Dante's inferno, I'm going to re do my god father mob wars walkthrough since the one I saved doesn't have a watermark of my site's name. So I guess thats it, ttyl.

Ash's Final Thoughts - GTACTW, The Warriors & FTB3!

Muahahahaha! GTA has been completed thus my revenge on youtube for my old account has now...come to a conclusion U_U and I am victorious, fuck you youtube. Amen.

So lets get to business, this game was for the DS and now it's for the PSP and I phone. I personally thought it should have stayed on the DS, and would be perfect for the Iphone, but not the PSP. The graphics were awesome coming from the DS, the PSP made that 3D world crappy DS world alive. I had so much fun playing that game and the story was great, a big turn around that you would not have expected. The map was huge, so free roam was just fun. Weapons were awesome and perfect for the game, I like how we were able to email a weapon company and purchase weapons via email and have them mail you the weapons in front of you house, that's fuckin' awesome! You were able to drive boats, some missions you were able to use a helicopters, cars as well but there weren't many different cars out there though, not a big disappointment to me since I don't think it's serious lol. The part I hated very much was during gameplay when someone drops a weapon, you were able to pick up the ammo, but eventually if you keep doing it, you will automatically switch to that weapon without you really knowing and that can get you killed, I should be able to switch to w/e weapon I fucking want if I happen to pick up some other weapons ammo. For the DS during like the mini games like when you had sniper missions and you were able to use the bottom screen with the pin as well to put together the rifle, same with planting bombs, and using the pin to twirl it around to hijack cars and what not, I just thought that was better for only the DS and not the PSP. I enjoyed doing that, you never get bored at it, I just thought it was fun for the DS or Iphone since you are using your finger rather than using the analog stick and hitting X. Now about the draw dropping story lol, we start off being trapped and thrown in the water to die, so we break out of the car and win, we call our uncle named kenny and told him what happened. The main story was to find the person who killed Huang's(the protagonist) father and later on who was the asshole ratting out the triads which was the triads bosses son and some asshole names zhou who we worked for as well, so we had to kill them both towards the end. lol now about Huang's father, it turns out that the two ppl we killed weren't the traitors. We were working with a cool cop who wants to help us figure out who did it along with some personal stuff he had to do, some FBI dude told us he's in front of the killer/traitor, we go to the destination and who do we see? HIS UNCLE! I was like holy shit dude lol what a big ass turnaround, so in the end we kill him blah blah blah, the triad boss died I think too because his uncle shot him or stabbed him I forgot, then his last words was like Huang the triads need a new leader and you would be perfect. So thats it :) and for my final rating I give this game a 4.2 out of 5. This game was awesome and so much fucking fun, but should this game be on the PSP? despite how the other GTA games were with the 3rd person view and graphics? I mean I sure didn't. But that's just my opinion. Moving on...

Waaaarrrioooooooorrrssss come out to plaaaaaaaaaaa..yaaaaay! words from the rogue's gang leader named luther :) This game was kick ass, another redeux I did from my old account, now in HD quality and no lags this time. To be honest I thought I played better on my old account, I totally forgot how to play and even though I played enough of it, I still sucked lol but the game was completed right? Ok so we recruit a new member named "Rembrandt" who has major skills with a can of spray, later on the highest gang leader from the riffs named Cyrus wanted to unite all gangs for piece and shit, so the meeting was going to be taken place at some park with a lot of gangs, 9 each from each gang that was chosen. This was going to be taken place weeks from now, so right now we were trying our hardest to get our ass on the radar to be chosen, during that process we had to beat off other gangs that keeps fuckin' with us, the biggest one was the gang called the destroyers, we actually killed the leader for killing one of our brethren. So long story short, we were chosen to be at the meeting, Cyrus said some words, but before this the rules were no weapons like guns bats, knives, etc etc so no one would be wastin' one another since this was about peace. But one asshole named Luther had to be the one to pull out a gun and shoot Cyrus, everybody went crazy and tried to run since the cops were coming, then Luther said he knows who wasted luther and ratted on the warriors leader who they call war chief who was killed, since Luther saw a witness to the shooting which was one of the warriors who got away. After that every gang in Brooklyn wanted us dead lol, and our objective was to make it back to coney island safe, we made it there by fighting off gang after gang and finding missing gang members form our gang that went to hiding or got cuffed. So we regroup and later on we see luther trying to run us over, swan, who is the new war chief, said its time to end this so we fucked up luther on a one on one fight. Then he got all pissed off and pulled out his gun like a bitch and tried to kill us, in he end we stop him, and the riffs came, the gang where cyrus was in and told us that they know it wasn't the warriors that killed Cyrus, it was the faggot Luther who did it. So that's the end, they whopped his ass again. Noow my thoughts, the game was really about the movie called the warriors, which was amazing, I recommend you check it out. The game was a beat'em up type of game, throwing ppl through everything, bashing ppl with glass bottles and shit lol it was fun. I didn't find anything wrong with the game, except that on some bosses we had to throw glass bottles until there life goes down to beat them, I thought it was stupid and repetitive, boring too especially if you had to keep doing it instead of going down there and whooping the guys ass. Graphics were ok, the streets were empty like shit, it was a desert out there, maybe for the PSP version. So I give this game a 3 out of 5, the movie was better and showed more parts and stuff that the game could of had. Moving on...

Last is SOCOM FTB3. I beat this game the day I downloaded it, was only 8 missions. I don't have much to say about this game to give my honest opinion. I played FTB2, but like the first mission, and this was months ago lol. So I don't even know whats going on, I heard that its the same team or something like the previous, so it was crazy how one of them died by a sniper lol. I don't even know what was going on with the story, it was too short for me to care to be honest lol, it looks like a game that would be great online, but the story to me was horrible. Gameplay was ok, cutscenes were horrible, character models were not good but tolerable. The PSP can output better quality than that, which is why this game was made to mainly focus on the multiplayer. I had fun with this game, some parts were annoying like fighting the dam helicopter, it was challenging at times, I see a lot of ppl just running and gunning like they are crazy in their videos which isn't my style, I like to take my time and think because this is also for ppl that need help, running and gunning doesn't help. So to keep it short I'm gonna base this game on the story, it wasn't exciting as I thought it would be, it was normal, nothing surprising so I give this game a 2.8 out of from the story and not the full actually game which will involve the multiplayer since I didn't play it nor plan on to.

So remember ppl, my thoughts, my opinions doesn't mean they are facts, don't be a tool, get a game because you like it and not what I say.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Made up my mind, change of plans!

Okay, I didn't get my RAM package on Saturday, and since today is Sunday, no mail comes in so I might get it 2morrow or even Tuesday! :( So right now I'm rendering some socom3 for you guys; 5 missions I think were recorded.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ash says +10!

10 Missions have been recorded/edited but not rendered until I get mah mo fuckin' RAM son ;D. I wanna test my laptop out with the rendering speed first before I hit the render button on the vids I edited, which i'm batch rendering. So I left off on 40 missions completed, now i'm at 50 if you can count, which means I got like 8-10 missions left I think. Youtube deleted my other account because of GTA, so I have to avenge my old account by completing this game! X( and complete I shall...with vengeance! Fuck you youtube. Amen. So vids won't be up until I get my RAM, so expect some videos in a couple of days or more, maybe on Monday if i'm lucky.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sum stuff from Ash

I never did like a personal blog in a while so here I go! :D

I got me a ps3 from my bro which I mentioned on youtube, I just have to get a new hard drive. I also ordered me some RAM for my laptop, 2 2 gig sticks lol, which makes it 4 gigs of RAM for my laptop. So hopefully me rendering my vids will speed up, then I can make more videos and finish guides quickly. I like to play my games in HD, so I ordered another HDMI cable for my ps3 and a controller for it since my bro couldn't find me his other one; I didn't get any games for it yet, only after my bro gets me my hard drive for it. I did get me games gor my 360, I got me bioshock 2, which is pretty awesome, especially the multiplayer, the story was kinda short though, and I got me brutal legend which is kickass and awesome for metal fans who like to kill creatures which an ax, electrocute monsters with your guitar and hot chicks.

So moving on with the youtube life lol, Dissidia and SH. are done so that leaves me with The Warriors, GTA, MUA2, & Pursuit force left in the games I didn't finish.

Dante's Inferno comes out soon, which I doubt I'd be able to play because of sony, but if I am able to play, I don't think I'll be able to upload to youtube being that it has a lot of nudity! from playing the demo for the 360, I also heard sum dante's inferno vids were being taken down because of too much nudity as well. So if I were to make some videos on it, it would not be on youtube, but of course you can check it out on my site. To be honest I want to get rid of some games that needs to be completed before I even touch that, and that's what I think I'll do, but I don't know to be honest. So now i'm going to focus more on the warriors and gta, after that its mua2 and pursuit force. So that's the plan you guys, wish me luck!

Oh yea and Socom! :D I have to do that, but won't be any time soon though after those 3 games out of 4 are done and dante's inferno maybe.

Ash's Final Thoughts - SH: Shattered Memories

And another game goes down as completed, 2 games done in one week YAY! lol. This marks down as my first silent hill game done, who knows I might even do origins :D

This game is really easy, it isn't as challenging as the other silent hill games. The only action you get was the nightmare chases and all you did in those was just run from the monsters. No guns, items or anything to defend yourself, you just run like hell in an Ice maze which made this game creepy and a lil scary because the nightmare chases get trickier and trickier as you progress. You were able to use your phone to call certain numbers and receive them that mysteriously came to you, you were also able to use your phone to uncover spirits as well. They took a big risk by making it like that with just the chases, it was more for the wii but still it was fun on another system; It wouldn't be great on the ps3 and 360. The game starts off with a car crash of a guy named harry mason, he wakes up from it and realizes his daughter has gone missing. So throughout the whole game we are searching for her and getting clues to why she suddenly disappeared and if she's really alive. The story changes depending on the answers you pick for the therapy courses which will of course result in alt. endings. In the end we realize that harry died 18 years ago from the car crash and that his daughter is alive and she's 25 and was the one actually taking the therapy courses. His daughter went through a lot when her father died, she felt like he was the only one there for her because she doesn't like her mother, so when he died, she snapped from when she was 7. So in her head she created this world, this fantasy or dream that turned into a nightmare where her father is alive still searching for her and every time the therapist would get closer to figuring out her problem, that's where things would go wrong in the nightmare with harry, thus the nightmare chases occurred. This game is really sad, she really misses her father, the therapist needed to get in her head to clear things out so she can move on and live her life, she didn't want to do that, so she was suffering, but in the end she realized that her father does live inside her and will always be there for her, and she has the memories of tape recordings, and the mementos that harry and her collected when she was 7, to remember him always. There were a lot of symbols in this game which made it very interesting and deep. I think that the monsters were actually symbols, I thought they were obstacles for harry, all they did was jump on you and basically try to pull you down, and they didn't fight at all. To me they represented reality, truth, and the monsters were trying to stop harry continuing this fantasy world to find cheryl. So another thing I thought was also that the monsters, represented the therapist who was trying to get cheryl to wake up, see the truth, and escape this nightmare in her head. Its really hard to explain it but I hope you will get it.

So for my rating I give this a 3.5, this didn't feel like a silent hill game at all, it was different, but to me this game was awesome and had an amazing twist to it. An amazing game to have for the wii since you were able to use the wii thing a lot. I wouldn't say it was the best silent hill games, but its one of my favorites on my list of PSP games.

Remember this is just my opinion on things, not necessarily facts, so don't buy a game or not because of what I say.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Dissidia & Unbound Saga

After months doing dissidia which started first on my old account, it is now completed and also made game of the month at from this random online chooser thing I did. I'm going to try to make this quick since i'm doing 2 games. I thought the game was cool, each of the 10 warriors were chosen from the final fantasy games to stop chaos who wants to do they ultimate chaos by ending the conflict completely by destroying the world and himself. Cosmos, who chose the warriors, gave her powers to the warriors by giving them each crystals that they had to earn in battle and by overcoming their personal issues and stuff. We get all crystals, we defeat chaos, and everything is safe. Story was excellent to me, since we were all basically pawns of cosmos, which chaos said, they took that literally and basically the gameplay was just us moving as chess pieces which I hated so much. I thought that was horrible and it made it so boring. It was like a whole chess bored, that had items and stuff on it as well as these "sigma" pieces to complete the level and go on another chess bored, so it was repetitive as fuck, and the game was long as fuck too. The voice acting was kinda stiff, just like the characters movements during minor cutscenes, but the major cutscenes were kick ass and all cinematicy and stuff. Fighting was really awesome too how you were able to use summons in battle to increase other things and do other annoying things with it, the flying, dashing, knockin' them through pillars and stuff and of course the unique attacks each character had. Another thing I didn't like at first was the bravery points which were kinda like your shield to stop the opponent from depleting your HP. So with that said I give this game a 3.8 out of 5, the game was awesome, but to me it was really repetitive and can be boring most of the time when playing the game.

Next is unbound saga...and a weird game that is lol. I had my eye on that game forever since it came out, but I had other things on my mind. I did my research and the game has 10 levels so I was like what the heck, and give it a shot. In the game, you're this guy who is trying to search for the creator for doing something which I forgot, but in the end he finds out he is just a character in a video game and that he will restart his journey and forget about everything when the player starts a new game lol; pretty stupid. It was like a comic book game, the enemies spawned by a hand coming down and drawing the enemies which I thought was oool, there was blood and awesome combos you can do too. In the game you just fight your way through people(like streets of rage kinda like that style)which were hard as hell. This game was very repetitive, all you did was fight and once ina while you do some puzzles and shit. If you got far in the game and die, your ass has to start all over again! there are no save point at all. anyways yea, the game was crappy, it was funny though when reading the dialogue and what they were saying, it was hard and repetitive, but it was fun playing and it would be better if you had someone there to play co op with you. So I give this game a 2 out of 5.

So remember kids, my opinion in all this, not necessarily facts but can be used to decide on things in a mature fashion and not being a tool

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How long has it been?

Been bout a year since I uploaded sum GTA lol. So yea I recorded 6 more missions, sum were annoying but its done. So right now that's a total of 40 missions completed when I upload the missions after rendering, editing and what not. So yea that's it hoes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Been sum time eh?

Yea ppl just been lazy as hell, I didn't even make my review on Unbound saga. Anyways I've been uploadin' the shit out of dissidia, just tryin' to get rid of the game and do others. Soon i'm going to do more chinatown wars as well as MUA2 right after I finish dissida, but I might do more chinatown wars today, i'm not sure. So since I have been uploading dissidia for the past few days, I know people are tired of it so...

I'll be starting these 2 games today, which you already know the warrior since its up.

This silent hill is pretty ok, more better for the wii. It's a lot different than your average silent hill game, kinda similar with the engines that re4 and 5 run on which is really cool. This game is horror of course, but not survival horror since you don't even shoot or just run like hell in maze to escape the monsters which makes it really scary. This game will be fun to do and I'm already pretty far right now.

So just to go off topic, I've been also playing mw2 a lot online to get my level up which gets you more guns and stuff so that's one of the reasons I have neglected to come on here, plus living life of course meeting ppl, dating, stuff like that so all that is on my mind as well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sum stuff from Ash

For some time, actually since the release of this game, I've been thinking if I should do this game or not. The game isn't that great, but it aint long, I think about 10 levels which i already recorded 5 so expect some videos of this soon as well as dissidia in a couple of days.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Army Of Two: The 40th Day

Once again, another game has been completed, and a cool addition I may add. So ok, what to say, The game was alright, it was a little less than I have expected to be honest, I knew the game would play like killzone, but certain little stuff in the game I was disappointed about. For example the shooting, there wasn't any really an aiming system at all, triangle was to shoot in front of you circle was to shoot right, square was left, and X was to shoot behind you, but of course the directions changed depending on what position you are faced. That bugged me because in order for me to shoot diagonally, sometimes I had to get away from my cover and go to a more closer position to get shot the hell at and shoot, which I should not have had to do. The game utilizes a somewhat of a stealth system with using a distraction method called "aggro" to lure an enemy to fire at your partner, while the other person shoots from behind or sneaks pass and knocks the enemy out. That came in handy for each chapter and if you didn't use aggro, I'm sure you had a hell of a hard time beating bosses. Graphics were pretty cool, I personally did not like the character sprites, one was fat as hell, which was not true and they weren't smooth, very sharp and rushed looking. The AI enemies were a bitch, and god fucking dam they were hard when they had like these fuckin' grenade launchers and shit lol, the game was easy at first but the last 3 chapters were hard especially the last one itself! I kept getting stuck at each new stage in the last chapter, literally. That last mission is impossible to beat without using the aggro method. Your partner was stupid at times, well mine was, sometimes he never shoots, even when switched to aggressive to achieve aggro, sometimes the asshole never even moved when switched to follow, I had to start all over because the asshole got me killed because he did not want to proceed with me and help me defend myself, so I just died. The game allows you to basically choose your own way of doing things, and certain points I was asked to make different decisions and the bad ones were to get more money, so of course me being an asshole, I chose to be pretty bad lol. You needed money in that game to upgrade your weapons, I personally recommend you not buy weapons all the time but upgrade them to finish bosses quickly. The more you buy, the less damage your firearm is because you would have to upgrade them as well, making it hard to upgrade all of them, thus the lack of damage and other things with every gun in your inventory. The last boss battle was easy, to be honest I only died twice rather than like 10-15 times during just the regular gameplay lol that shows how difficult the game is. After that you had 2 alternative endings that changes of course depending on what you do, which again was to make a decision; both endings will be included with the walkthrough.

So I guess that's it, with everything I have said with the AI, shooting method, graphics, blah blah blah, I give this game a 2 out of 5. The nextgen versions are third person shooters and this being as a sky scraper view totally sucks, but it was still enjoyable. The crappy aiming system can definitely cost you a failed mission, and of course the sometimes retarded partner. But I'm sure if you were Co-op'n with someone, it would be a lot more easier to beat; I just don't feel like it's a real portable version. I myself am getting me the 360 copy since I have the first one. Remember folks, these are my thoughts of the game, not necessarily facts, so chill and decide on your own and don't use this to fully decide if you want the game or not.

Expect the comeback of more dissidia videos and GTA in a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Chili Con Carnage, What's Next, & Sum Ash's Babbling


I did this game a couple of years ago, and since my old account is gone, so are my videos of it :( I learned form my mistakes and was so familiar with the game already being that I did it before, that I finished it quicker this time with a perfect of only 20 videos. From that, I realize that this game is short lol. The game is about a dude named Ram, he's in search of the person who killed his father during his father's birthday, so Ram is on a journey with his sidekick marco to find him.

If anyone played max payne, stranglehold, dead rising, total overdose, and the recently released wet, then you would love this portable version of those types of games with goin' slow mo and shootin' people; stuff like that. This game is suppose to be like a portable version of Total overdose actually. Anyways the game is awesome, and will go down with one of my favorite games. Although this game is awesome, especially the gameplay, there were a lot of glitches that I came across while playing this game. Some of them got so bad that I had to restart the fuckin' level, and I hate shit like that; then I had rockets going through tanks without hitting them. With games like this, you need a good camera because there's a lot going on, and if you aren't quick enough while turning the corner, you can get rocked. This game did not have a good camera, the only time a camera option came up during gameplay, was when you were in mid air and you were able to rotate the camera 360 degrees to shoot everybody. If you run up a hill, the camera points down and not in front of you! So that's not good at all, plenty of times I got rocked because of that even though you were able to rewind time like the game's father total overdose, which PLENTY of times came in handy. The characters weren't smooth, sharp edges like cut outs, All the enemies looked the same during gameplay and minor cutscenes as well. There was a minor cutscene and it looked like the three soldiers were friggin' triplets, it was stupid. The game also had multiplayer, but not during the story mode I think, after you complete a mission, you were able to do a bonus level for that stage to get more points and if you complete them, your life bar increases, which I did not care to do at all. The thing I liked about the game was the special ability items you can pick up that each had their own unique ability and some of them were able to take out a shit load of soldiers that I would save for certain parts. Oh and this game had no blood! :O

So anyways the game could have been better, mostly the camera, the glitches, maybe this game should have stayed on PS2 and the PC, but still a great addition for the PSP's game library including mine because this is one of my favorite games and would do it over again anytime, but this time I think I'll save my videos...just in case ;) Lol. Overall I give this game a 3.5 out of 5. Remember people, these are my opinions, not facts, dno't take what I say into consideration for you to decide if you want the game or to know if it's a good game. You aren't a tool, grow some balls, and learn to decide on your own like a good boy or girl.

Hmmm, whats next? I guess I'll continue on with my GTA vids after I finish rendering the last of Chili, I'm also going to do some more Pursuit force as well. I'm going to start Dissidia back again soon, maybe after pursuit force and GTA are off my to-do list. Army of 2 the 40th day, and Silent Hill shattered memories are on their way, I'm going to take it slow and finish the 40th day first as well as GTA and pursuit force so I can have some alone time with Shattered memories and Dissidia; that's the plan.

So I guess that's it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alright people

GTA Chinatown wars is back online at of course, total missions completed, 30. So it looks like i'm about maybe 65% done with the story mode of the game, so soon I'll be recording like 15 more missions when I'm done with rendering chili con carnage which will probably be finished rendering by tomorrow morning.

Oh and expect sum

vids by next week or so.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sum stuff from Ash

Well looks like we are in a new year, 2010, nothin' special to me but happy new year I guess :) My older brother invited me to spend the night over on new years eve, we just played video games and chatted, ate food, stuff like that. I left his house at fuckin' 10pm and ended up gettin' home at 2am. During the weekends the trains are messed up because they like to do construction work which screws up people like me who take trains to go places.

On with the games, I just now started rendering pursuit force, Motorstorm and chili con carnage. So some vids will be up today except for maybe chili con carnage, I wanna finish rendering all the missions I recorded so I can upload a shit load of them, so hopefully they can finish rendering by tomorrow.

Today I finished uploading Marvel Ultimate Alliance if you haven't noticed, and no I'm not done uploading my old videos. I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Final Fantasy Dissidia(which are both in progress games) left. Those two will be up and continued after I finish uploading my GTA chinatown wars videos somewhere else.

So that's it.

Oh and this marks the 100th post I posted on this thing! :D