Saturday, December 26, 2009


Whats up? I hope you all had a cool christmas cuz I sure did. As you can see, I've been uploading some of my old walkthroughs and I'm almost done. Tonight I'm going to record some missions for GTA. I haven't been recording as much because I'm running out of space for my hard drive. I have an external one but i'm running out of space for that. Some walkthroughs are on my hard drive, and some are on my external one, I just ordered a 640gb one for a 100 bucks and some change, and now I can get my space by and start recording as I use to, and even more now. Anyways for christmas, I spent some the time with my older brother, we gamed all night, and watched tv. He also got me an HD TV as well. He's giving mr his ps3 too since he has 2, I begged him for it lol. Unfortunately though, he has to get the blu ray player repaired since his kids spilled something on it >_> badasses. I still had a kick ass time nonetheless. So more GTA will be recorded and uploaded, and my old marvel ultimate alliance guide will be up soon, and after that will be transformers revenge of the fallen.


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