Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh wow...

It looks like Yoshi, to me has the decrypter already. He's just not going to release just because "We have to" so basically Team GEN(The team that yoshi is on) are going to release it when it is needed instead, which is a smart move. Kids these days are just too immature to realize the strategy that they are pulling, so all they do is bitch and beg like idiots. I may be wrong about them having it already, but I came up with my conclusion from this quote

"Yoshi and GEN Team have no obligation of release anything. We release when we think it is time to do it and not because we "have to do it..."

To me that sentence right there seems like they have it already, or already know what to do, but just not doing it right now. So it is like they are hiding something in my opinion, and I think I know what that is.

So until then i'm just gonna do what I do and upload the regular videos, and If I'm in the mood, some motorstorm as well.


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