Monday, March 29, 2010

A Change Of Plan!

Ok I don't want to do The Red Star anymore, It was just getting annoying and I had like another 10 more missions to do, so I said eff it. If you die, yo would have to start all over from the beginning since there are no checkpoints. So that means I would have to put so much time into this, and I do not want to when I have better things to do and record.


Will be taking it's place. It's A game that has been on my mind forever.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I suck @ blogging!

Yea I know :(
I barely come on here, I'm just too dam lazy and a huge procrastinator. Well I just wanted to update you guys on this. Umm... Crisis or is almost done, I have completed around 70-75% of the game so maybe in 2 weeks I'll have this game finished. For star wars, been kinda slow but I'll record more missions today, 2 more to be specific.

I've also been recording some...

Which is kinda one of those killzone liberation/army of 2 type of games with the 3D skyscraper view. I resented those games like hell. but after playing army of 2, I've grown to tolerate them. This game isn't the best, but its fun. I played this a long time ago on the ps2 so I thought I give this a shot for the PSP. I recorded 5 missions already, they all have been edited and rendered actually. But I plan on uploading it when I record the whole game, this game shouldn't be long, probably like 10 missions or a little more, or even more than that which I don't care since I pplan on recording 5 missions a day. This game is really fun and I'm liking it a bit so far.

Ash's Final Thoughts - Fat@ss & Godfather

Well here it goes, I'll start of with Fat@ss. This game was one of the funniest games I have ever played and completed. I heard about this game ages ago when it was introduced to the ps3; I've always wanted to try this game out. The game is a strategy based game that takes a shit load of teamwork and smart thinking to win. In the story, 2 princesses from both sides found some cake in the woods that made them a cake eating zombie which led them to grow really fat lol. They said it was a curse, and in order for the curse to be broken, the princess had to be kissed by a prince. So after that, throughout the 14 missions we had to rescue our princess that has been captured by the other side, we had to bomb dragons, we had to take their princess to sabotage their plans and for the prince to no go to them, and other fun things which you can see in my walkthrough for it. In the end, we won and the prince came to us. They kissed and guess what...she was still fat, why? because as the prince said, there is no curse. So basically we did all that for nothing and realized that the princesses were just fatasses from eating too much cake LOL! But it wasn't really a waste, because the prince and the fat@ass lived happily ever after and they had a wedding to end the game. So continuing on with my thoughts, this game is awesome, period. The narrator of the game is really funny with the British accent and him reading the introduction to each level. About a couple of levels were a pain in the ass because they required a lot of teamwork. You were able to chop wood and transfer it to the weapon stations to upgrade it for more damage which I thought was cool. The AI in this game(referring to my teammates) were horrible! They really didn't do anything to help, the only thing they did was upgrade things which I did a lot with the AI. But they never really helped, they were always doing something else instead of fighting and helping us defend command posts etc etc. But eventually I found a way to win, which was to camp, it distracts the hard ass enemies to you while the other members of your team completes the objective. The AI on the other team were broken as well. The game had some flaws but still it was awesome. Oh and it had blood! The game also had different game modes, online death matches and other online modes. So that's it, I don't think this game is for anyone, its more for younger people and ppl who have a lil animation friendly side to them lol. So overall I give this game a 4.2 out of 5. this isn't a game for everyone to play and probably like, but at the same time if you give this game a chance, you'll enjoy yourself.

On to Godfather. I'll make this one short. Another game I re did. This game was bad, terrible camera, you couldn't drive, all you did was shoot, fight, and watch the cutscenes. But I had some fun though because I'm a Godfather fan, and who wouldn't play a godfather game.

This game pretty much followed the movie, except with the character you played with and Luca being his mentor and stuff. The game was about don vito and his gang/family doing stuff, he later dies and vito's son becomes the new godfather. People were traitors in our family and we killed them, blah blah blah. They had some unnecessary mode called mob wars which was retarded and you had to do some of those missions in there to continue on with the main story. I didn't understand what the hell was going on in the made, I just pressed buttons. They did give you a lot of upgrade points though, so I did a lot of the mob wars sections so I can breeze through the story. The cutscenes where ok, the graphics could have been better, nothing to complain about. You only had free roam to a specific point, if you go far then you abort the mission. That I hated. Overall I give this game a 2.8 out of 5 If it had more free roam and you would have been able to drive, then I would have given it a higher score. It is fun though, but it feels like the fun in this game doesn't last for long because of the terrible camera mainly and the other things I have mentioned.