Friday, May 29, 2009

Prince Of Persia: Revelations!

Ever since my walkthru of "Rival swords" which is another title of Prince Of Persia for the PSP, I thought to myself i would never do another one since it was such a pain. But now I sucked it up and played a couple of levels and enjoyed it. So expect some vids of this game later on in the evening if my sis gets off of the computer(I'm using a laptop and i can't record videos on it), so stay tuned for more of Ash's PSP Games!

Lego Batman


The shit just won't work.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More new PSP walkthrus on the way!!!

Along with The Simpson's Game, I wanna do more at the same time. I always get my work done, so doing multiple walkthrus at the same time aint shit to me; it'll just take a bit longer to finish them.

Ash's Final Thoughts - BHTS6


And my thoughts was alright, nothin special but it was fun. It followed the anime's story line from the beginning and whats going on right now in the show. The game play was fun, i enjoyed it a lot. the graphics were great too, it and it looked amazing in HD. The game was in JAP, but it was easy to learn how to play since its a button mashing type of game; kind of. The only thing I didnt like was that some missions would not unlock unless you get a certain rank on a previous one. I didnt care to I just played the way i played and kept on going. Some missions were left out, but its alright to me.

So since that's finished, I guess I'll continue on with the simpsons game walkthrough. I recorded a few missions and some vids should be up some time today. So stay tuned for more of Ash's PSP Games!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Wolverine

It's done and here's my final thoughts...

I really dont have a lot to say about this game, It wasn't all that good but it was fun playing. The way they did the story was just like the movie, but with some different levels; the game is way different then the console versions. The graphics weren't great, and the game wasn't exciting but like i said it was fun playing to me. I'm pretty sure the console versions of this game is pretty dam cool. I wouldn't go buy it unless you're a wolverine fan, but that's my opinion and not a fact, so don't be a tool and decide on what to do with what i say.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Fuck it

I just cant get into it to continue