Monday, December 14, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Marvel Super Hero Squad

It's done, finished it yesterday actually. I think this is the first walkthrough I started on my new channel lol. Anyways about this game, I love the show, the show is kick ass and I watch it every morning and on weekends as well lol. It's a kiddy show, very funny but if you are a huge marvel fan, then i'm sure you would love the show. However, the game to me really was not that great. It was so repetitive, ya gotta destroy a number of enemies to progress a level at a certain part of a mission; after a while it just gets boring. I was upset that you can only have 2 heroes fighting instead of 4 through out missions, I thought that was retarded. Another thing was the camera, worse shitty camera game I have ever played. It was horrible, I couldn't even aim at a specific object until I killed ALL enemies which was stupid. I had a huge problem with the lag and frame rate of this game, but the graphics were pretty good, I liked them. Also, about the cutscenes, they were just movie pictures Kinda, not a full animation but it was alright. It should have been animations in my opinion or something. The pretty much thing I looked forward to while playing the game was the button simulation mini games, those were almost in par with gameplay lol. Oh gosh, I'm sure they are going to make a new MSHS game since there are MORE MARVEL CHARACTERS, which they should have added! So my final rating, I give this game a 3 out of 5. Despite the lag, bad camera, and other things, The game is still fun sorta, and there's co op as well as a regular battle mode you can do with your friends which will make it more fun. It's a kiddy show, so the game of course will be kiddy but they could have added more, especially with the characters if you are playing by yourself, that's why it was kinda boring.

Like always, these are my opinions and not facts, I'm just giving my review from my experience of playing this game. Don't go with what I say and get the game or not game the game because of what I said, you aren't a slave, i'm not your mommy, grow some balls and decide on your own.


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