Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Been sum time eh?

Yea ppl just been lazy as hell, I didn't even make my review on Unbound saga. Anyways I've been uploadin' the shit out of dissidia, just tryin' to get rid of the game and do others. Soon i'm going to do more chinatown wars as well as MUA2 right after I finish dissida, but I might do more chinatown wars today, i'm not sure. So since I have been uploading dissidia for the past few days, I know people are tired of it so...

I'll be starting these 2 games today, which you already know the warrior since its up.

This silent hill is pretty ok, more better for the wii. It's a lot different than your average silent hill game, kinda similar with the engines that re4 and 5 run on which is really cool. This game is horror of course, but not survival horror since you don't even shoot or just run like hell in maze to escape the monsters which makes it really scary. This game will be fun to do and I'm already pretty far right now.

So just to go off topic, I've been also playing mw2 a lot online to get my level up which gets you more guns and stuff so that's one of the reasons I have neglected to come on here, plus living life of course meeting ppl, dating, stuff like that so all that is on my mind as well.


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