Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - GOW: Chains Of Olympus

Another game completed, just rendering the final parts right now.

I remember when this game came out for the PSP, it was huge! I read from sources that they were gonna make it a 2 or 3D sidescroller because they didn't think the PSP can handle a game like God Of War, which is why this game was short...probably. I think that was the problem with this game, it was too short lol maybe around 2hrs and some change. Although it was short, I had a lot of fun, I love God of war games with the slashing killing combos beat'em up style, and I can't wait for the third one to come out. Pretty much in this game I think the main objective was to find his daughter, but at the same time in order for him to move forward, he had to fulfill the gods request since he's a slave to olympus as he says. So in the end we find her, but had to let her go because Persephone, the goddess of death wanted to take revenge on olympus by destroying the world, and if she had succeeded, his daughter and everyone would die. So he chose to forever be without his daughter to save her and the world, pretty sad, we kicked Persephone's ass though for that lol. I enjoyed the button simulation kills, those were fun even though I kept messing up because the game cheated lol. There weren't that much combos, or extra weapons ex: the gauntlet of Zeus, but it was ok, I mean what can you expect from a PSP right? I didn't like how the enemies were able to still attack you and break your combo while you were hitting them, it was like it didn't hurt them and they were able to fight through your attacks and stop you from attacking. I understand if that were only for the big ass creatures, but come on the little soldiers? I thought that was retarded. Graphics were outstanding for the PSP including the cutscenes. The Missions weren't hard if you have a strategy in taking out a specific monster, I never tried it on God mode lol dunno if I will. They had other mini games and other stuff you can do, but I didn't care to try them. So I give this game a 3.8/4 out of 5, I honestly believe it's to small for a God Of War game, which I can understand since its for the PSP, but still. Either way this is one of the best games on the PSP.

Remember plpz, my opinions are not facts about this game, keep that in mind.


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