Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Dissidia & Unbound Saga

After months doing dissidia which started first on my old account, it is now completed and also made game of the month at ashspspgames.com from this random online chooser thing I did. I'm going to try to make this quick since i'm doing 2 games. I thought the game was cool, each of the 10 warriors were chosen from the final fantasy games to stop chaos who wants to do they ultimate chaos by ending the conflict completely by destroying the world and himself. Cosmos, who chose the warriors, gave her powers to the warriors by giving them each crystals that they had to earn in battle and by overcoming their personal issues and stuff. We get all crystals, we defeat chaos, and everything is safe. Story was excellent to me, since we were all basically pawns of cosmos, which chaos said, they took that literally and basically the gameplay was just us moving as chess pieces which I hated so much. I thought that was horrible and it made it so boring. It was like a whole chess bored, that had items and stuff on it as well as these "sigma" pieces to complete the level and go on another chess bored, so it was repetitive as fuck, and the game was long as fuck too. The voice acting was kinda stiff, just like the characters movements during minor cutscenes, but the major cutscenes were kick ass and all cinematicy and stuff. Fighting was really awesome too how you were able to use summons in battle to increase other things and do other annoying things with it, the flying, dashing, knockin' them through pillars and stuff and of course the unique attacks each character had. Another thing I didn't like at first was the bravery points which were kinda like your shield to stop the opponent from depleting your HP. So with that said I give this game a 3.8 out of 5, the game was awesome, but to me it was really repetitive and can be boring most of the time when playing the game.

Next is unbound saga...and a weird game that is lol. I had my eye on that game forever since it came out, but I had other things on my mind. I did my research and the game has 10 levels so I was like what the heck, and give it a shot. In the game, you're this guy who is trying to search for the creator for doing something which I forgot, but in the end he finds out he is just a character in a video game and that he will restart his journey and forget about everything when the player starts a new game lol; pretty stupid. It was like a comic book game, the enemies spawned by a hand coming down and drawing the enemies which I thought was oool, there was blood and awesome combos you can do too. In the game you just fight your way through people(like streets of rage kinda like that style)which were hard as hell. This game was very repetitive, all you did was fight and once ina while you do some puzzles and shit. If you got far in the game and die, your ass has to start all over again! there are no save point at all. anyways yea, the game was crappy, it was funny though when reading the dialogue and what they were saying, it was hard and repetitive, but it was fun playing and it would be better if you had someone there to play co op with you. So I give this game a 2 out of 5.

So remember kids, my opinion in all this, not necessarily facts but can be used to decide on things in a mature fashion and not being a tool


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