Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Crisis Core: FFVII

83 videos, and over 10 hours of gameplay from yours truly.

My favorite game for the PSP has been completed! And I almost cried at the ending like the first time I played it! :D Lol. But yea this game is awesmoe, very sad too. If you want to get into Final Fantasy, this this is the game for you, plus it isn't that long at all, not hard too.

In the game we start off with an inspiring young dude named Zack who fights for a group named "SOILDER" his dreams is to become a hero. But things have been pretty strange in SOILDER, he has been forced to leave the ones who he cared about, and to defeat the people who he lived and dreamed to become because they have seen the truth of shinra, and who they really are; it turned them crazy. A first class SOILDER named Genesis started all this mess and brought everyone in it. Genesis tries to destroy and take down shinra and the whole world with the gift of the goddess but zack stops him. It turns out later that his ally, his best friend cloud, has the cells to stop whats called the "degredation" process which are in certain SOILDER high class members who were born out of jenova(which is the source of their strength) or who carried a lot of strong cells from Jenova. Zack tries his best to save and protect him, and for that, he himself was wanted. In the end he protects Cloud with his life and dies. He tells cloud that he will be his legacy and that his dreams, his honor, is all his now. Sad story lol but its better to watch it :P There's more to it but I'm just giving the main stuff for you guys to understand.

So yea, My favorite game on the PSP. The graphics on this game were amazing, the cutscenes were beautiful as shit...which ain't beautiful but you know what I mean lol. Voice acting wasn't all that in certain parts but oh well. It's an action rpg game, the only type of RPG I would play, but I would pokemon! still do btw lol. So yea the game had action, romance, it was adventurous; just plain awesome. It was fun using materia powers and moving and swingin' that sword without standing there like other RPG games. What I didn't like was the DMV thing which allowed you to do certain moves and level up your abilities. Doing certain high power moves I understand, but to level up? hell no, I thought that was dumb. Basically I can train for hours and if the DMV doesnt show up and I don't get 777 then I don't level up, thats dumb, but I managed and took the time to level up to like in the 30's and then continued on. Doing the side missions were really helpful, you got gil(money) to buy shit, and materia to use in battle.

The last boss battle was genesis in his avatar state, and and his regular form, they were easy I guess from the level I was on, and the materia I had. All the boss battles were easy, you just gotta be quick when using items and do side missions. So for my rating I give this wonderful game, and a true game for RPG fans and A game that would get you into RPG a 4.7. Certain parts of the dialogue were stiff, and I thought the leveling up with the DMV thing was unnecessary which made it annoying and time consuming at times trying to level up. Beautiful game and will always be my favorite for the PSP. I hope they re make FF7 because of this.

Remember folks, these are just my opinions on this game, doesn't mean that its true, so watch my videos to decide if you like it or want to get the game your self :)


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hey man its the game u played with on xbox ha1og123...i almost cried too lol....your fucking awesome

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