Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Army Of Two: The 40th Day

Once again, another game has been completed, and a cool addition I may add. So ok, what to say, The game was alright, it was a little less than I have expected to be honest, I knew the game would play like killzone, but certain little stuff in the game I was disappointed about. For example the shooting, there wasn't any really an aiming system at all, triangle was to shoot in front of you circle was to shoot right, square was left, and X was to shoot behind you, but of course the directions changed depending on what position you are faced. That bugged me because in order for me to shoot diagonally, sometimes I had to get away from my cover and go to a more closer position to get shot the hell at and shoot, which I should not have had to do. The game utilizes a somewhat of a stealth system with using a distraction method called "aggro" to lure an enemy to fire at your partner, while the other person shoots from behind or sneaks pass and knocks the enemy out. That came in handy for each chapter and if you didn't use aggro, I'm sure you had a hell of a hard time beating bosses. Graphics were pretty cool, I personally did not like the character sprites, one was fat as hell, which was not true and they weren't smooth, very sharp and rushed looking. The AI enemies were a bitch, and god fucking dam they were hard when they had like these fuckin' grenade launchers and shit lol, the game was easy at first but the last 3 chapters were hard especially the last one itself! I kept getting stuck at each new stage in the last chapter, literally. That last mission is impossible to beat without using the aggro method. Your partner was stupid at times, well mine was, sometimes he never shoots, even when switched to aggressive to achieve aggro, sometimes the asshole never even moved when switched to follow, I had to start all over because the asshole got me killed because he did not want to proceed with me and help me defend myself, so I just died. The game allows you to basically choose your own way of doing things, and certain points I was asked to make different decisions and the bad ones were to get more money, so of course me being an asshole, I chose to be pretty bad lol. You needed money in that game to upgrade your weapons, I personally recommend you not buy weapons all the time but upgrade them to finish bosses quickly. The more you buy, the less damage your firearm is because you would have to upgrade them as well, making it hard to upgrade all of them, thus the lack of damage and other things with every gun in your inventory. The last boss battle was easy, to be honest I only died twice rather than like 10-15 times during just the regular gameplay lol that shows how difficult the game is. After that you had 2 alternative endings that changes of course depending on what you do, which again was to make a decision; both endings will be included with the walkthrough.

So I guess that's it, with everything I have said with the AI, shooting method, graphics, blah blah blah, I give this game a 2 out of 5. The nextgen versions are third person shooters and this being as a sky scraper view totally sucks, but it was still enjoyable. The crappy aiming system can definitely cost you a failed mission, and of course the sometimes retarded partner. But I'm sure if you were Co-op'n with someone, it would be a lot more easier to beat; I just don't feel like it's a real portable version. I myself am getting me the 360 copy since I have the first one. Remember folks, these are my thoughts of the game, not necessarily facts, so chill and decide on your own and don't use this to fully decide if you want the game or not.

Expect the comeback of more dissidia videos and GTA in a couple of days.


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