Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - SH: Shattered Memories

And another game goes down as completed, 2 games done in one week YAY! lol. This marks down as my first silent hill game done, who knows I might even do origins :D

This game is really easy, it isn't as challenging as the other silent hill games. The only action you get was the nightmare chases and all you did in those was just run from the monsters. No guns, items or anything to defend yourself, you just run like hell in an Ice maze which made this game creepy and a lil scary because the nightmare chases get trickier and trickier as you progress. You were able to use your phone to call certain numbers and receive them that mysteriously came to you, you were also able to use your phone to uncover spirits as well. They took a big risk by making it like that with just the chases, it was more for the wii but still it was fun on another system; It wouldn't be great on the ps3 and 360. The game starts off with a car crash of a guy named harry mason, he wakes up from it and realizes his daughter has gone missing. So throughout the whole game we are searching for her and getting clues to why she suddenly disappeared and if she's really alive. The story changes depending on the answers you pick for the therapy courses which will of course result in alt. endings. In the end we realize that harry died 18 years ago from the car crash and that his daughter is alive and she's 25 and was the one actually taking the therapy courses. His daughter went through a lot when her father died, she felt like he was the only one there for her because she doesn't like her mother, so when he died, she snapped from when she was 7. So in her head she created this world, this fantasy or dream that turned into a nightmare where her father is alive still searching for her and every time the therapist would get closer to figuring out her problem, that's where things would go wrong in the nightmare with harry, thus the nightmare chases occurred. This game is really sad, she really misses her father, the therapist needed to get in her head to clear things out so she can move on and live her life, she didn't want to do that, so she was suffering, but in the end she realized that her father does live inside her and will always be there for her, and she has the memories of tape recordings, and the mementos that harry and her collected when she was 7, to remember him always. There were a lot of symbols in this game which made it very interesting and deep. I think that the monsters were actually symbols, I thought they were obstacles for harry, all they did was jump on you and basically try to pull you down, and they didn't fight at all. To me they represented reality, truth, and the monsters were trying to stop harry continuing this fantasy world to find cheryl. So another thing I thought was also that the monsters, represented the therapist who was trying to get cheryl to wake up, see the truth, and escape this nightmare in her head. Its really hard to explain it but I hope you will get it.

So for my rating I give this a 3.5, this didn't feel like a silent hill game at all, it was different, but to me this game was awesome and had an amazing twist to it. An amazing game to have for the wii since you were able to use the wii thing a lot. I wouldn't say it was the best silent hill games, but its one of my favorites on my list of PSP games.

Remember this is just my opinion on things, not necessarily facts, so don't buy a game or not because of what I say.


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