Thursday, February 25, 2010

So What's Next? & Sum stuff from Ash

I will be re doing my GF Mob Wars walkthrough, as well as re doing my favorite game Crisis Core: FF VII. Videos will be up in a couple of days, because as always I usually take a couple of days to relax after I completed, recorded, edited, and uploaded an entire game, which takes a lot of work and determination; plus I watch walkthroughs as well ;] lol so I like to do that too on my 2 day break.

Today I tried that Blazblue game for the PSP and it started out good with the opening credits how it was all cinematic and shit, but after I played a bit of the story, I realized the graphics were horrible. I actually still planned on doing like a playthrough of each characters story, but I died from getting like up to 30% then I had to start all over from the beginning, so I was like fuck it, another game added to the fuck it list. So basically if I made it to 99% and died ONE TIME, I would have to start from the beginning, I have no patience for that shit.

So yea, just sittin here with some anime paused trying to figure out what type of banner I wanna make for my site, it's time for a new one! :D I wanted to do like a Dante's Inferno/God Of War mix, but unfortunately there weren't many Good Dante's Inferno single images of him :( Rumors around the web are saying that its released in EUR, so who knows, we might get that game leaked and hopefully patched to get it to work with CFW, which means Ash can make videos which will probably get removed because they show boobies in that game and YT is gay! :D


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