Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sum stuff from Ash

I never did like a personal blog in a while so here I go! :D

I got me a ps3 from my bro which I mentioned on youtube, I just have to get a new hard drive. I also ordered me some RAM for my laptop, 2 2 gig sticks lol, which makes it 4 gigs of RAM for my laptop. So hopefully me rendering my vids will speed up, then I can make more videos and finish guides quickly. I like to play my games in HD, so I ordered another HDMI cable for my ps3 and a controller for it since my bro couldn't find me his other one; I didn't get any games for it yet, only after my bro gets me my hard drive for it. I did get me games gor my 360, I got me bioshock 2, which is pretty awesome, especially the multiplayer, the story was kinda short though, and I got me brutal legend which is kickass and awesome for metal fans who like to kill creatures which an ax, electrocute monsters with your guitar and hot chicks.

So moving on with the youtube life lol, Dissidia and SH. are done so that leaves me with The Warriors, GTA, MUA2, & Pursuit force left in the games I didn't finish.

Dante's Inferno comes out soon, which I doubt I'd be able to play because of sony, but if I am able to play, I don't think I'll be able to upload to youtube being that it has a lot of nudity! from playing the demo for the 360, I also heard sum dante's inferno vids were being taken down because of too much nudity as well. So if I were to make some videos on it, it would not be on youtube, but of course you can check it out on my site. To be honest I want to get rid of some games that needs to be completed before I even touch that, and that's what I think I'll do, but I don't know to be honest. So now i'm going to focus more on the warriors and gta, after that its mua2 and pursuit force. So that's the plan you guys, wish me luck!

Oh yea and Socom! :D I have to do that, but won't be any time soon though after those 3 games out of 4 are done and dante's inferno maybe.


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