Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sum stuff from Ash

Well looks like we are in a new year, 2010, nothin' special to me but happy new year I guess :) My older brother invited me to spend the night over on new years eve, we just played video games and chatted, ate food, stuff like that. I left his house at fuckin' 10pm and ended up gettin' home at 2am. During the weekends the trains are messed up because they like to do construction work which screws up people like me who take trains to go places.

On with the games, I just now started rendering pursuit force, Motorstorm and chili con carnage. So some vids will be up today except for maybe chili con carnage, I wanna finish rendering all the missions I recorded so I can upload a shit load of them, so hopefully they can finish rendering by tomorrow.

Today I finished uploading Marvel Ultimate Alliance if you haven't noticed, and no I'm not done uploading my old videos. I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Final Fantasy Dissidia(which are both in progress games) left. Those two will be up and continued after I finish uploading my GTA chinatown wars videos somewhere else.

So that's it.

Oh and this marks the 100th post I posted on this thing! :D


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