Monday, March 22, 2010

I suck @ blogging!

Yea I know :(
I barely come on here, I'm just too dam lazy and a huge procrastinator. Well I just wanted to update you guys on this. Umm... Crisis or is almost done, I have completed around 70-75% of the game so maybe in 2 weeks I'll have this game finished. For star wars, been kinda slow but I'll record more missions today, 2 more to be specific.

I've also been recording some...

Which is kinda one of those killzone liberation/army of 2 type of games with the 3D skyscraper view. I resented those games like hell. but after playing army of 2, I've grown to tolerate them. This game isn't the best, but its fun. I played this a long time ago on the ps2 so I thought I give this a shot for the PSP. I recorded 5 missions already, they all have been edited and rendered actually. But I plan on uploading it when I record the whole game, this game shouldn't be long, probably like 10 missions or a little more, or even more than that which I don't care since I pplan on recording 5 missions a day. This game is really fun and I'm liking it a bit so far.