Monday, February 22, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - GTACTW, The Warriors & FTB3!

Muahahahaha! GTA has been completed thus my revenge on youtube for my old account has now...come to a conclusion U_U and I am victorious, fuck you youtube. Amen.

So lets get to business, this game was for the DS and now it's for the PSP and I phone. I personally thought it should have stayed on the DS, and would be perfect for the Iphone, but not the PSP. The graphics were awesome coming from the DS, the PSP made that 3D world crappy DS world alive. I had so much fun playing that game and the story was great, a big turn around that you would not have expected. The map was huge, so free roam was just fun. Weapons were awesome and perfect for the game, I like how we were able to email a weapon company and purchase weapons via email and have them mail you the weapons in front of you house, that's fuckin' awesome! You were able to drive boats, some missions you were able to use a helicopters, cars as well but there weren't many different cars out there though, not a big disappointment to me since I don't think it's serious lol. The part I hated very much was during gameplay when someone drops a weapon, you were able to pick up the ammo, but eventually if you keep doing it, you will automatically switch to that weapon without you really knowing and that can get you killed, I should be able to switch to w/e weapon I fucking want if I happen to pick up some other weapons ammo. For the DS during like the mini games like when you had sniper missions and you were able to use the bottom screen with the pin as well to put together the rifle, same with planting bombs, and using the pin to twirl it around to hijack cars and what not, I just thought that was better for only the DS and not the PSP. I enjoyed doing that, you never get bored at it, I just thought it was fun for the DS or Iphone since you are using your finger rather than using the analog stick and hitting X. Now about the draw dropping story lol, we start off being trapped and thrown in the water to die, so we break out of the car and win, we call our uncle named kenny and told him what happened. The main story was to find the person who killed Huang's(the protagonist) father and later on who was the asshole ratting out the triads which was the triads bosses son and some asshole names zhou who we worked for as well, so we had to kill them both towards the end. lol now about Huang's father, it turns out that the two ppl we killed weren't the traitors. We were working with a cool cop who wants to help us figure out who did it along with some personal stuff he had to do, some FBI dude told us he's in front of the killer/traitor, we go to the destination and who do we see? HIS UNCLE! I was like holy shit dude lol what a big ass turnaround, so in the end we kill him blah blah blah, the triad boss died I think too because his uncle shot him or stabbed him I forgot, then his last words was like Huang the triads need a new leader and you would be perfect. So thats it :) and for my final rating I give this game a 4.2 out of 5. This game was awesome and so much fucking fun, but should this game be on the PSP? despite how the other GTA games were with the 3rd person view and graphics? I mean I sure didn't. But that's just my opinion. Moving on...

Waaaarrrioooooooorrrssss come out to plaaaaaaaaaaa..yaaaaay! words from the rogue's gang leader named luther :) This game was kick ass, another redeux I did from my old account, now in HD quality and no lags this time. To be honest I thought I played better on my old account, I totally forgot how to play and even though I played enough of it, I still sucked lol but the game was completed right? Ok so we recruit a new member named "Rembrandt" who has major skills with a can of spray, later on the highest gang leader from the riffs named Cyrus wanted to unite all gangs for piece and shit, so the meeting was going to be taken place at some park with a lot of gangs, 9 each from each gang that was chosen. This was going to be taken place weeks from now, so right now we were trying our hardest to get our ass on the radar to be chosen, during that process we had to beat off other gangs that keeps fuckin' with us, the biggest one was the gang called the destroyers, we actually killed the leader for killing one of our brethren. So long story short, we were chosen to be at the meeting, Cyrus said some words, but before this the rules were no weapons like guns bats, knives, etc etc so no one would be wastin' one another since this was about peace. But one asshole named Luther had to be the one to pull out a gun and shoot Cyrus, everybody went crazy and tried to run since the cops were coming, then Luther said he knows who wasted luther and ratted on the warriors leader who they call war chief who was killed, since Luther saw a witness to the shooting which was one of the warriors who got away. After that every gang in Brooklyn wanted us dead lol, and our objective was to make it back to coney island safe, we made it there by fighting off gang after gang and finding missing gang members form our gang that went to hiding or got cuffed. So we regroup and later on we see luther trying to run us over, swan, who is the new war chief, said its time to end this so we fucked up luther on a one on one fight. Then he got all pissed off and pulled out his gun like a bitch and tried to kill us, in he end we stop him, and the riffs came, the gang where cyrus was in and told us that they know it wasn't the warriors that killed Cyrus, it was the faggot Luther who did it. So that's the end, they whopped his ass again. Noow my thoughts, the game was really about the movie called the warriors, which was amazing, I recommend you check it out. The game was a beat'em up type of game, throwing ppl through everything, bashing ppl with glass bottles and shit lol it was fun. I didn't find anything wrong with the game, except that on some bosses we had to throw glass bottles until there life goes down to beat them, I thought it was stupid and repetitive, boring too especially if you had to keep doing it instead of going down there and whooping the guys ass. Graphics were ok, the streets were empty like shit, it was a desert out there, maybe for the PSP version. So I give this game a 3 out of 5, the movie was better and showed more parts and stuff that the game could of had. Moving on...

Last is SOCOM FTB3. I beat this game the day I downloaded it, was only 8 missions. I don't have much to say about this game to give my honest opinion. I played FTB2, but like the first mission, and this was months ago lol. So I don't even know whats going on, I heard that its the same team or something like the previous, so it was crazy how one of them died by a sniper lol. I don't even know what was going on with the story, it was too short for me to care to be honest lol, it looks like a game that would be great online, but the story to me was horrible. Gameplay was ok, cutscenes were horrible, character models were not good but tolerable. The PSP can output better quality than that, which is why this game was made to mainly focus on the multiplayer. I had fun with this game, some parts were annoying like fighting the dam helicopter, it was challenging at times, I see a lot of ppl just running and gunning like they are crazy in their videos which isn't my style, I like to take my time and think because this is also for ppl that need help, running and gunning doesn't help. So to keep it short I'm gonna base this game on the story, it wasn't exciting as I thought it would be, it was normal, nothing surprising so I give this game a 2.8 out of from the story and not the full actually game which will involve the multiplayer since I didn't play it nor plan on to.

So remember ppl, my thoughts, my opinions doesn't mean they are facts, don't be a tool, get a game because you like it and not what I say.


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