Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hey guys its been a while so I'll let ya know whats goin on. last time I wanted to take a break on making videos so i can work on a better site, and right now its coming out great. I have to HTML edit a page per video, and I have over 1000 lol so that's a lot of work...But i'm already half way through it. My next video MAY! be on Dynasty Warriors strike force thats coming on the 28th, It looks alright from watching some gameplays and trailers. I'm definitely going to do the Xmen origins wolverine game on May 1st so thats a fact, so stay tuned for that.

Youtube didn't allow me to upload family guy for the PSP, so you can view my walkthrough of it at pwnordie.com which i'm uploading slowly.

The whole walkthrough will be on ashspspgames.com(when it's up) in the future and other games I do not upload to crappy youtube.


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