Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?


Yea I just been lazy to give my thoughts on this game or to update my blog, so here it is!

....I loved it! Its one of my favorite games now, not many know about this game and people need to give this game a chance. It's a platform game and my opinion, the best platform PSP game ever. You start out in this world of fantasy with many different creatures, You play as some penguin thing known as a "Prinny" they were once human but did bad things, so they were turned into those prinny things my some witch named Edna. For this whole game, you have a mission you have to complete where you have to get the ultra dessert, you had no later than 10 hours to get them. Each time you complete a stage, a boss battle will come, they each had a part of the ultra dessert recipe so in order to get it, of course you would have to defeat the boss. After you require all the ingredients, you go to some place where you find some weird old man that can mix the ingredients, he then does it and makes the ultra dessert and uses it as like a battery thing or a heart to make this big ass robot come a live, after you struggled to kick its ass, you get an interruption from some pig bat thing named sir sweet, long story short he takes, now u gotta find him, kick his ass then all of a sudden he reveals that another part of the ingredients are prinnys! so he killed a lot of their friends. After that they take it back to Edna but when she sees it or smells it, she is disgusted and doesn't want they did all that for nothing lol. But all the prinnys looked at that still as a good thing because they finished their mission and that's what counts. Overall the game was good, I liked it a lot but it was too dam hard! i cheated >:D But to balance that out, the game was really tranquil towards the end from the ending, they gave like a lil shout out to all their deceased prinny friends which made it warm. I like the song they used for the credits, it was really nice and very peaceful to take your mind of this kinda rouhh way from fighting in the game and stuff. If you like platform games then you would definitely like this, and remember...these are my opinions and not facts, so don't be a tool and buy or not buy from the thing I have said.


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