Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Family Guy: Video Game


Yea this isn't on youtube since they like to take it down cuz of fox 5 and their copyright thing or whatever, but this ca be viewed on Pwnordie, Wegame or for easy acces, just watch it at Ash's PSP Games! ~_^

This game is so funny lol i laughed at every level lol. So in this game, you play as Stewie, bran, and peter. They each have missions of their own, Stewie has to stop his half brother Bertram from doing some evil shit where one fo the levels was inside peter and at the end you fight Bertram in some giant form. Now with Brian, all his mission were are basically some stealth thing where you had to hide in the shadows so you wouldn't get seen and collect the required items to pass the level. He tries to collect proof and stuff that he didn't impregnate sea biscuit which is Lois's father's dog, but it turns out that he was the one who did it lol. With Peter he's gone crazy and thinks some character named Belvedere is after him so he has to destroy every person he passes by. In the end he finds out that Belvedere wasn't after was the chicken! so you would have to fight him and beat his ass like in the cartoon show to beat the game since that was the last level. The game was pretty fun, hard as shit tho, but its something i wouldst play again. Don't be a tool, buy it if you like it!
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