Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


Well Its finally done, took me about a week and a couple of days. I start out first on what i didn't like about the game: The only thing that bothered me in the gameplay was that it was too slow compared to like a great game title known as "Tenchu: Z" The game was one of the hardest games I've ever done, you have to choose every step, weapon and move wisely or else you are dead. This is my first time playing and Tenchu game and I have to say that I loved it, i Loved everything about it, the story was amazing! You start off as a well known ninja known as "Rikimaru" who's am assassin of course from the Goda castle, the king of that castle has a daughter that was kidnapped so the king sent out Rikimaru to search for her. Things started to get suspicious that made Rikimaru seem like a traitor. You then start to play as a woman named Ayame to go save the princess and take her to safety, these orders were from the kings chief who in the end turns out to be the traitor..and a familiar face that Rikimaru knows, That was basically it. The graphics were amazing for the PSP, especially the cutscenes, voice acting was good, you were allowed to do anything you want in that game to progress in levels with varies of strategies of your choosing which made it hard because like I said, make a wrong move and you are dead. I'm not into stealth games too much but when it comes to ninjas and whatever related to that then i'm going to have to play it. The game starts out strong, but then gets beautiful but sad in the end. Japanese stories and animes always interest me, this is one of my favorite games I've ever played and I enjoyed every bit of it, but that doesnt mean you go out and by it because of that, remember these are my Opinions and not actual facts; don't be a tool. What if you have the chance to stop a nightmare, but it turns out it's right behind a gift, if we go around it and try other ways, the gift dies and the nightmare lives on, but if you go through the gift to stop the nightmare, the nightmare will die...along with the gift, What will you choose?


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