Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - The Force Unleashed, Dead Head Fred

I got to games to review so I'm gonna try and make this short.

The game and story of this were awesome, and actually a re do of one of my old games I completed a long time ago. You play as the apprentice of this who starts off hunting down powerful jedi to prove himself to vadar that he's ready to take down the emperor along side vadar. While doing this he falls in love his his pilot and also sees that the things he's doing is wrong and that it is the sith who are the bad ones, he was adopted by vadar and lied to from the start, he was even tricked to kill his own father. So in the end he fights vadar and then he has to choose in the end to continue to fight vadar, to prove himself to the emperor and sit along side him as a new sith lord, or kill the emperor and put an end to this. One was the light ending(emperor fight) and the other was the dark ending(vadar fight). But in those endings there were both full of sadness, the apprentice dies in the light ending becoming a legend and strength to the jedi and their forces, but the emperor and vadar lives. In the dark ending, everyone dies from the ship exploding, and the apprentice sort of had a Darth vadar makeover because he was blown probably to bits but was still alive, and the pilot he fell in love with, along with the people he came to rescue in the first place all died.

So yea that's the story. The game was shitty as hell, graphics sucked, laggy as fucked, everything was choppy, the whole game was ugly. But it was fun playing, the boss fights were awesome with the button simulation finishes. The game also had like a battle mode where you can do versus mode and other stuff. In the game you were able to collect different color crystals and upgrade certain moves, and items to make your saber stronger, or force push, etc etc. SO basically its an action RPG game, so the gameplay was cool, but made it annoying and hard to enjoy so I give this game a 2.5 out of 5.

Oh wow hahaha, this game was so amazing, from mission one to the fuckin' credits, Every cutscene of this game will you have rolling, this shit is hilarious! and I'm happy I completed the game, but dam this game was hard, long and very annoying.

You start off in castle with a doctor above you, everything is all green and fuzzy. Long story short the doctor tells you that he's dead and was revived back to life, but he doesn't have his head but only a jar with a brain in it lol; Fred goes crazy which is understandable. The doctor explain that a powerful man named Ulysses Pitt is the man behind him being killed. But Fred remembers that name, but barely remembers anything, but throughout the game he recovers his memory slowly. Anyways so his objective is to take down Pitt and get his head back from him, but of course thats not an easy task. You go through hell in this game. As you progress, you are able to collect heads from special monsters to use for your arsenal collection of other heads. Each head has a different ability, some allowing him to shrink, and some allowing him to withstand nuclear fumes, or even absorb air to fly or absorb water to take out fires. This game is very unique and an underrated game in my opinion. Pitt had a main guy beside him named lefty, who was kind of fucked up, his right arm and leg were frail thin and small, but his left arm was huge, kind of like the "charger" in left for dead 2, his short little leg was short for him to walk, so he used a Tommy gun to support it as his peg leg, which also worked as a gun. He later discovers that at first he was working on a case of one of his murdered friends and it turned out that it was Pitt who killed him, he found out by this ability thta allowed him to take heads from dead people and see visions lol and he saw the vision of him being killed before he died, so now that memory of Pitt killing him has been restored. He also remember that he had video proof of him killing him, before Fred died he confronted him but was killed by Pitt and Lefty to save themselves. So fred goes after him with revenge. Towards the end of the game, we fight left which was easy, he fell in nuclear waster that transformed him into a dinosaur lookin' mother fucker who can't seem to die, because we thought we killed him. After that we go to where pitt is and before we open up those doors, the lefty dinosaur asshole was there so we had to kill him again, but the asshole didn't die! Long story short we finally get up to pitt, but the left dinosaur ruined us killing pitt so we had to finally take out the lefty dinosaur which was the last battle, the battle was intense that left also took pitt down to his death, but guess what, he was still alive. Pitt died though from the lefty monster eating him because he wouldn't shut up. Fred was about to get his head which was on the balcony, that was destroyed by the dinosaur lol so the head is lost, but he didn't care because pitt died, and he saved the girl that was captured by pitt(which i forgot to mention) and I think she grew to like his new look haha. The lefty dinosaur still lived too, it just ran off somewhere.

So that's the story, weird ass game, and the most weirdest game I have ever played in my dam life. But really this game is awesome, had a lot of fun. The game had some original gloomy jazzy in game music which went well with the game, the game had annoying ass puzzles especially in the boss fights. The game wasn't that straight foward, plenty of times I got lost because I didn't know where the fuck to go to complete the game. It was repetitive! everywhere you went you had to fight and they werent that many combos or anything, so it made you just want to run from them because they were too time consuming; plus they did too much fuckin' damage to you in my opinion; I thought that was bullshit. The maps in this game were yucky, the people in the maps all looked the same and it seemed deserted being that there were hardly anyone there in the towns and stuff. The graphics were ok, but the characters models seemed rushed, they were horrible except for Fred and the antagonists. So I guess I'll stop it there, I give this game a 3.9 out of 5. It's a really good game, it was just rushed with the character modeling, and it was repetitive and it drove you to not want to fight but just want to get through the mission and thats not good. But really I had a lot of fun and laughs from beginning to the end.

So thats it, remember folks these are my opinions and not necessarily facts that should make you decide if you want a particular game or not. Decide on your own by watching some of my videos, thats all.


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