Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny


The game was amazing and I'll always play it! This is the first soul calibur game brought to the PSP. The graphics were great, and the gameplay was fun and easy to master. My only problem with this game was the mode selections, they all sucked ESPECIALLY the story mode known as the "Gauntlet" which was basically a long boring tutorial on how to play the game. I knew something was up especially when all the characters were there and there were none to unlock; so fo course there was nothing to do. I guess the creators of this game focused on online play more than offline and having fun to yourselves; I couldn't even select who I wanted to fight like the other soul calibur games. But other than that it was great! Please note that these are MY opinions, don't go with what I say and be a pathetic tool. Anyways I'll try to upload the rest of the parts later.


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