Friday, July 3, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

At last it is finished, and I hated it.

I forced myself to do this game because I'm greedy about views and subs, I did not enjoy it, it was buggy, I couldn't even hit opponents with certain attacks later in the game, and You couldn't even transform when the feakin game is called transformers! so lame. It was like playing astroids cuz all you did was shoot, you can do melee attacks in the game but it sucks. As you know, the game followed the move, which I thought would be cool, but apparently I was dead wrong. But I'm pretty sure the console versions are WAY better. Overall I hate the game, and No i do not recommend it, but of course that's just my opinion and me bashing on the game are not facts, so don't be a tool and not get the game because I said It aint worth it. The rest of the videos will be up by tonight or tomorrow. To view the playlist of this, visit Ash's PSP Games dot com! My site isn't updated yet with the videos on it, but keep checking back and it will be there.

So I guess I'll continue on with Prince Of persia and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, probably in a couple of days or so.


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