Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - I.J & The Staff Of The Kings

Wow I haven't logged on here is a while lol, just been always.
Well its done, the rest of the parts should be up by tomorrow morning, I am in the process of rendering them. But anyways about the game, hmmm..I thought it was good, the story was cool, you are in search of the moses staff that is use to call upon storms and do crazy shit with the weather and part seas. Then all of a sudden, bad guys are after it as well so now its like a race, but as soon as we get the staff, the bitch that you are accompanied with stabs you in the back and takes the staff for herself. Then bad guys come and take the staff from her since she's a useless bitch. long story short, we beat the bad dude in the end, jump out the window into the ocean and magically part the sea and drive through while defeating germans, after that we go on shore, the staff turns into a snake and the bitch and Indy start kissing and I think they live happily ever after.

The graphics were ok, just normal PSP graphics, it got kind of repetitive with the constant fighting which made it boring a little, but It didn't bother me too much since I was also looking for each treasure thingy on each level, which some were hard to find. The game was ling, about 37 missions in total, but each mission were really short. This was my first Indiana game and I like to say it was fun to play a little, but the of course the other versions of this game on the wii and os2 are most likely much better with the graphics and scenery, which the PSP version lacked a lot. You can replay missions and stuff as well, to re look for treasure and to beat the mission faster, so I guess that's it. And remember, these are just my opinions, which means if you want the game then buy because you want it and not because of what I said, these aren't facts!

So I guess I'm gonna continue on with the other walkthrus I abandoned. I'm really tired of prince of persia, I cant wait to finish it. but i'm gonna finish off marvel ultimate alliance and then continue on with prince of persia.


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