Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow


All parts are up, it was long but worth it; the game is awesome!

This goes down in one of my favorites, the story was amazing and not predictable which really bothered me in some video games. This game is pure action and excitement, make a wrong move or get out of cover and your ass is dead. I never played the first series of the game to compare and contrast the 2, but from reviews I've read, it turns out that "Dark Mirror" was better than this, but that's their opinion and not yours so never listen or buy a game just because someone said it was good or bad. Overall i enjoyed it, just 6 long ass missions to keep me busy plus the bonuses. The game allows you to think and use the environment and your weapons to the fullest. I cant think of anything that I didnt like about it, but what do you think? Anyways thank for watching!


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