Friday, March 20, 2009

DragonBall: Evolution

Game Completed and...

It sucked! and I'm sure you all knew that from watching the preview of this dam movie that is suppose to come out. Of course we all know that it is going to suck, but I am interested in live characters(even tho they suck as well), effects, etc etc. The game was the same as shin budokai with the engine it ran on, the graphics were horrible, it had no voice acting in the story mode or anything, just subs in Jap since thats the version I have of it. I did not like it, it was a disgrace to the anime, but it was pretty fun to play like most DBZ games. But those are all my opinions of it, don't be a tool and go with what I say. You have balls or boobs, so if you like it then go out and buy it.

Back to Godfather, more parts will be up tomorrow.


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