Monday, March 30, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - The Godfather: Mob Wars


The Game is finally finished and I have to say that the game was pretty fun, the missions were easy at first but it got harder after you progressed in the game. Graphics were up to par with the PSP, from the cut-scenes especially, and during in-game. Its 15 levels of you trying to be the number 1 family in Italy. The story line was great, just like the movies and the voice acting was good too. It plays like a GTA game but the only thing i didn't like was that you couldn't drive and that there wasn't any free roam, so you the maps weren't big at all. The only free roam you get was during missions, but when you leave your objective zone then you would have to restart the mission. Overall i enjoyed it a lot, they could have given it about 20 or more missions, but it was still cool. I would bye this game, but that doesn't mean you should. Always remember that these ae my opinions and not facts! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my "Tenchu: Shadow Assasins" walkthru continuing 2morrow.



Just lettin ya know that i'm finished with Godfather, and i'm rendering the parts right now. I'm just relaxing with family and playing my n64 that just came in the mail; So hopefully i wont forget to upload the rest of the vids lol.

Stay tuned to see Ash's Final Thoughts of the game!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 2K!



It ain't much subs but its something lol; just wanna thank you guys for subbing and watching my videos. i spend hours editing and recording for you guys, and you thank me enough by subscribing each day and rating. I hope you all enjoy your day and the rest of your weekend..cheers.


Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


New walkthru!

Thats right guys as u probably noticed, one of the well known stealth game series is now an addition to my library Intro & Stage 01 "Kill the evil merchant" are already up; what do you think of it so far?

Anyways i will be continuing this walkthru once i finish "The Godfather: Mob Wars" I don't think i have that many missions left to do in the game, so say stay tuned!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey guys if you noticed, i haven't been uploading videos in the past few days. The reason why is because I'm working in a new website, also i had computer issues where i had to format my hard-drive. I forgot to back up my shit so i had to re do my intro and everything....Then sony vegas couldn't read my AVI files from my raw recordings, so for days i was searching for a solution. It took me a while because i was also spending time with HTML editing. So vids will be up this evening! I will skip some parts because during the formatting, i deleted this vids to upload by accident, so i would have to restart the game and replay and record the missing parts again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

DragonBall: Evolution

Game Completed and...

It sucked! and I'm sure you all knew that from watching the preview of this dam movie that is suppose to come out. Of course we all know that it is going to suck, but I am interested in live characters(even tho they suck as well), effects, etc etc. The game was the same as shin budokai with the engine it ran on, the graphics were horrible, it had no voice acting in the story mode or anything, just subs in Jap since thats the version I have of it. I did not like it, it was a disgrace to the anime, but it was pretty fun to play like most DBZ games. But those are all my opinions of it, don't be a tool and go with what I say. You have balls or boobs, so if you like it then go out and buy it.

Back to Godfather, more parts will be up tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DragonBall: Evolution

Thats right! I got the game, but unfortunately it is in Jap.

In this game I will be recording the story mode ONLY, no cpu battles because most of the match ups are already played in the story. I already beat and recorded the story and I am now rendering and editing the parts.

Expect some parts later on today.

The Godfather: Mob Wars

New Walkthru!

After struggling with games I decided to this. I'm really enjoying it so far and i know you guys will. The game is like GTA from the style of it, so if you are into GTA then you will like this game.

Levels - "The Alley" & " A Grave Situation" will be up soon including the prologue of the game as well.

Dead To Rights: Reckoning


Yea guys I'm not sure if I'm going to continue doing this so i deleted the videos. Its not like I don't like the game, I just don't feel like playing it and my determination level of completing it is very low.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dead To Rights: Reckoning


Manhunt 2 got taken down, so I'm replacing it with this pretty fun game to play. Its a third person shooter that kind of reminded me of my Chili Con Carnage walkthru from the weapons and style of shooting.

Missions: "Beer Barn" & "Pink Starfish"

will be up soon; stay tuned!

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow


All parts are up, it was long but worth it; the game is awesome!

This goes down in one of my favorites, the story was amazing and not predictable which really bothered me in some video games. This game is pure action and excitement, make a wrong move or get out of cover and your ass is dead. I never played the first series of the game to compare and contrast the 2, but from reviews I've read, it turns out that "Dark Mirror" was better than this, but that's their opinion and not yours so never listen or buy a game just because someone said it was good or bad. Overall i enjoyed it, just 6 long ass missions to keep me busy plus the bonuses. The game allows you to think and use the environment and your weapons to the fullest. I cant think of anything that I didnt like about it, but what do you think? Anyways thank for watching!

Manhunt 2 *Uncut*...CANCLED!

The Wrath of Take 2 Games...

They got to me you guys, they saw my MH2 vids and fucked me over and deleted my vids. As you all may know which you all should, take 2 games is a company who have legal rights to well known games such as the GTA series, the Manhunts, the midnight clubs, the NBA 2k series, Bioshock, and other games. So with that said, there will be no more MH2 videos because of that.

Other Updates!

I am now rendering the last of the parts, this mission was the longest and it contains 8 parts + of course the credits.

Ash's final thoughts of the game will be updated on my blog, so stay tuned!

and...FUCK TAKE 2!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Resistance: Retribution

Tsk tsk tsk

Unfortunately remotejoylite and irshell would not support this game for me to record, sorry guys but no R:R videos.

The only thing i can think of is if we receive a new update for remotejoylite to get this thing working.

Manhunt 2 *Uncut*

New Walkthru In Progress!

Yes you guys, Manhunt 2 will be added to my library of PSP games. As some of you know, Manhunt 2 wouldn't work with Remotejoylite, so I am forced to use IRshell.

This is the uncut version of the game, so you will be seeing a lot of gore in this. If you have a weak stomach then i advise you to not watch.

Intro and...Level 1 "Awakening" are up.

More MH2 videos will be up during this week.

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Missions 1-5 are up!

The game is getting harder and harder; 1 more mission left