Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Iron Man 2 & MOHH2

Both games were shitty so expect a short review on both.

Iron Man 2 The game, horrible graphics, the pretty much only detailed thing in there were iron man and war machine. The gameplay was very slow, it lagged a lot and I swear the game was ran at 20 fps or less especially the last boss fight with ultimo. Oh and it was very dumb how you didn't fight that whip guy when his dumbass was all over the dam trailers, but you fought some weird looking people who probably aren't in the movie since I didn't see it...yet. I personally thought it was better than the first one, character models were better, more variety of weapons plus war machine is in it. The game was longer than I thought, they could have made it shorter but they wanted to drag the game with shitty flying missions that ere really easy. I think I never died in this game, and to be honest, while playing I didn't even know where my health bar was; this game was really easy in general, just gotta use your brain. I didn't like how you were only able to hover and shit instead of flying and doing other things like the first one. That made the game corny because who wants to play an iron man game and cant even barely fly, so it made it boring, plus he hovered slow. During the story, I was wondering when I was going to be able to use war machine, turns out I had to not continue story, but to mission select the next mission and then be able to choose war machine, which I thought was cooler than Iron man. The game had a cool upgrade sstem that only works when you mission select and not continue the story...STUPID; I kept on wondering why my upgrades weren't doing anything while I was playing. I personally enjoyed the soundtrack of the game, they were actually known bands with just the instrumental of the songs. I was also able to use different iron man costumes, which were cool, i think they had their own unique ability to increase a specific stat like strength, speed, etc etc.

So yea, the game was horrible, slow pased boring, shitty graphics, and dumb. Gameplay was kinda fun just shootng people, which is all you did really so it was repetitive. I give this game a dam 1.5 out of 5

Now for shitty MOHH2.

First of all, any army game where your ass can't go on your fucking belly is a pile of shit. This game is basically you against the world, you gotta do everything and no one helps, its bullshit. Your team just stays there behind a corner while you're 50 feet away from them and they are barely firing. Gameplay was fun, its always fun shooting people, graphics were fine, but I also thought the gameplay was very slow, you move so dam slow and the sprinting doesn't even last for long. This game had a weird way of spawning enemies, basically if you kill a set, they will keep coming unless you move closer, the fighting will never end so I thought that was stupid. The last mission was insane because once again you are doing things on your own. You gotta set charges and blow up pillars and open doors full of Germans which I thought was impossible to beat because it took me 3 days to think up a strategy and trick the game. Like I said earlier, if you kill one set of enemies, they will come back again with more. So I had to kill 2 enemies and leave the last one there, go to the other set and grenade both enemies but stay where i was because if i moved to their position and blown them up, a shit load will come. So I had to nade the two from where i was, wait till they were blown up and then run for the freaking exit dodging bullets and head for cover. I think I was the first one to successfully pass the last mission on youtube; So yay >_> but yea still shitty game! I thought it was kinda boring, no interaction with your team mates at all, pretty much the only talkin was the intro of the mission. Only seven missions, not really fun objectives too. Call of duty for the PSP was kickass, way better than this pile of shit though I thought MOHH2 had better details than COD; but COD was much bigger and better. COD had its flaws but at least I was able to go on my dam belly for cover. But i give this game a 2 out of 5, better than Ironman 2 at least lol


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