Monday, August 10, 2009

Ash's Final Thoughts - Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I finally got this done after A month I think; it's a very long game. I have this game for my 360 as well so I wanted to try and do the PSP version. The game was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot, I wish I played co op with someone. The story was great, Dr. Doom steals Odin's powers who's the god of all gods and wants to destroy and corrupt the world and stuff. So they sent out the ultimate alliance to take care of that. I really have no problems with the game, the only thing that bothered me was the camera and how zoomed out it looked, it was hard sometimes to see the character when you are fighting, they were like ants at times. But other than that it was great. AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2! The rest of the parts will be up soon on youtube and on Ash's PSP Games! soon.

I wish I could have done G.I. Joe, but I might soon in the future, until then its back to pain in the ass Prince Of Persia. BAI!


Edmond said...

Hi ash im from malaysia. im so curious about ur psp software and apps. can i know more about it? Thx if u do

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