Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ash's Final Thoughts - Chili Con Carnage, What's Next, & Sum Ash's Babbling


I did this game a couple of years ago, and since my old account is gone, so are my videos of it :( I learned form my mistakes and was so familiar with the game already being that I did it before, that I finished it quicker this time with a perfect of only 20 videos. From that, I realize that this game is short lol. The game is about a dude named Ram, he's in search of the person who killed his father during his father's birthday, so Ram is on a journey with his sidekick marco to find him.

If anyone played max payne, stranglehold, dead rising, total overdose, and the recently released wet, then you would love this portable version of those types of games with goin' slow mo and shootin' people; stuff like that. This game is suppose to be like a portable version of Total overdose actually. Anyways the game is awesome, and will go down with one of my favorite games. Although this game is awesome, especially the gameplay, there were a lot of glitches that I came across while playing this game. Some of them got so bad that I had to restart the fuckin' level, and I hate shit like that; then I had rockets going through tanks without hitting them. With games like this, you need a good camera because there's a lot going on, and if you aren't quick enough while turning the corner, you can get rocked. This game did not have a good camera, the only time a camera option came up during gameplay, was when you were in mid air and you were able to rotate the camera 360 degrees to shoot everybody. If you run up a hill, the camera points down and not in front of you! So that's not good at all, plenty of times I got rocked because of that even though you were able to rewind time like the game's father total overdose, which PLENTY of times came in handy. The characters weren't smooth, sharp edges like cut outs, All the enemies looked the same during gameplay and minor cutscenes as well. There was a minor cutscene and it looked like the three soldiers were friggin' triplets, it was stupid. The game also had multiplayer, but not during the story mode I think, after you complete a mission, you were able to do a bonus level for that stage to get more points and if you complete them, your life bar increases, which I did not care to do at all. The thing I liked about the game was the special ability items you can pick up that each had their own unique ability and some of them were able to take out a shit load of soldiers that I would save for certain parts. Oh and this game had no blood! :O

So anyways the game could have been better, mostly the camera, the glitches, maybe this game should have stayed on PS2 and the PC, but still a great addition for the PSP's game library including mine because this is one of my favorite games and would do it over again anytime, but this time I think I'll save my videos...just in case ;) Lol. Overall I give this game a 3.5 out of 5. Remember people, these are my opinions, not facts, dno't take what I say into consideration for you to decide if you want the game or to know if it's a good game. You aren't a tool, grow some balls, and learn to decide on your own like a good boy or girl.

Hmmm, whats next? I guess I'll continue on with my GTA vids after I finish rendering the last of Chili, I'm also going to do some more Pursuit force as well. I'm going to start Dissidia back again soon, maybe after pursuit force and GTA are off my to-do list. Army of 2 the 40th day, and Silent Hill shattered memories are on their way, I'm going to take it slow and finish the 40th day first as well as GTA and pursuit force so I can have some alone time with Shattered memories and Dissidia; that's the plan.

So I guess that's it.


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